Monday, March 3, 2008

"My Room"

Over the weekend I repainted this chair from when I was a little girl. Poor thing has had 5 lives. Hopefully, it will stay this way for a while.
I wanted to show the rest of the room that my teapots and cups are in. I call this "my room". There is nothing of my husbands in it! How wonderful it that???
The old armoire is just for storage. It isn't perfect, but a favorite of mine. The chest underneath is a silverware chest. I have my mother's set from the 40s. I will have to show the pattern sometime.
This table holds a small TV. You know, for when I don't want to watch History or How a gun is made. The base was a garbage find. My hubby just put a piece of oak on the top. I really would love to put a mosaic or flagstone top on it now.
This was my mom's hope chest. It is shown with pictures on it, but now it has the teacup cloche. I love the curtains in this room. My hubby teases me and says it looks like a bordello. Personally, I don't see it, but whatever!


Alice said...

I have a "my room" with a chaise too. It isn't quite filled with all things I love like yours is but I'm working on it.

Betty said...

Lots of interesting things to see...every lady needs a room just for 'her'.....mine is a little garden-music-reading room....Betty

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love "your room!" You have some great pieces in there!! Everything you have shown would make a great Show and Tell, with stories!

I know what you mean about the History channel, my husband loves to watch that!


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