Monday, August 4, 2008

My Monday

Our weekend was a quiet one. We had a great time at church and then went out for our usual early dinner. We later just stayed home and napped and watched TV. I think that is good for the body once in a while! However, I notice we tend to enjoy doing that more as we grow older!! I had such a precious surprise yesterday. I have a wonderful young friend at church that surprised me with this beautiful trunk. I love the trunk, but I love it even more since it came from someone so dear. I love her like a daughter.
QVC had this wonderful Brighton clock on sale a few weeks ago. I just think it is so cute.
This adorable clock has been MIA since we moved. It was found in a box of collectables that I am taking to the resale shop! Glad it was found!
I thought this little sign was so cute. JoAnn's had them with various sayings. This one is now in our bedroom!
I hope everyone had a great week! Blogland was rather quiet this weekend. Guess all of you were taking that much needed nap too!
Have a great week.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Beautiful weekend here, too!

Love your gift of the chest...and all the other "goodies".

Perhaps Blogland was quiet, cuz now that we're into August, people are seeing fall, then winter coming. And, they're all trying to enjoy what's left of the summer.

I know Tom and I have been out running around to Yard sales and such and doing things in the garden and yard...and spending alot of time on the swing on our patio!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The brighton clock is just darling.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful black leather trunk! It looks just like something you would chose yourself. Your little friend is something special!

Love your Brighton clock AND the adorable newly found clock. You being a "clock girl", I can't believe you are taking it to a resale shop! D
id you decide to rescue it from the resale box?

XOXO Kathy

Dana said...

Hi! I just love your Brighton clock! I didn't know they had such things--I'll have to look for one. Your groupings are wonderful. I love older items, too, (always have). They are so much fun to find, then work them into your decor!

ceekay said...

No Kat...the little clock isn't going anywhere! It has a place of honor already!

Darlene said...

What an adorable trunk and I LOVE the LOVE sign!! Glad you had a relaxing weekend.

Jeanne said...

Love the clock and your trunk but the love sign says it all.

Blessings, jeanne

Cookie Sunshine said...

What a sweet post. It's always fun to peer inside and see what's going on.

Things are quieter at my blog too. Maybe people are spending more time out and about?

Sending you good wishes.


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