Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Living Room aka Large Hallway!

My husband always teases me about our living room. Because we rarely "sit" in there, as opposed to our family room, he says it is our Large (expensive) hallway. We moved from a home with a great room and I missed a formal living room. So, now I have one! And I like it. I do sit in there often, just to think quietly. are some pictures of it.

Inside the curio are various glass of which is my salt cellars. I have had the rounded curio for years and even though it is oak and my sofa is was staying! A lot of my wall art and decorations come from Kirklands.
I didn't repost the spider web chair, but that is also in this room opposite the love seat. As you can see, the coffee table is full of valentines things...I LOVE my big clock. Our neighbors tease us that if they are outside and loose track of time, they just walk by our house and can see our clock!


Lisa said...

you have a very pretty room! i enjoyed your blog.

A Romantic Porch said...

I LOVE THE CLOCK. How funny of your neighbors! xo Rachel

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