Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I don't know what my fascination with clocks is, but I love them. Maybe since my illness I appreciate time more? However, most of these clocks I have had a while now. When we go shopping I am drawn to them. My hubby tells me that we have enough...and I thought he was correct, but now that I have gone around and considered the clocks I have, I have determined that I do not have "that many"! Hmmm, could a new clock be on the horizon?
Sorry for all the pictures above my writing...I cannot figure out how to space them differently! Remember, I am new at this!
By the way, my husband is owner of one of those clocks! It is the Cadillac tail-light clock that he keeps in his office. So it official, it isn't ALL me!

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Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a wonderful clock collection! You even have one with hearts on it! The Cadillac tail light clock is very unique, I like it!

To move the pictures around, click on the picture, go to Edit, click on Cut (or Copy) then go to where you want the photo with your cursor, go to Edit again, and click on Paste. Then pictures should be where you want it! If you did copy, you'll have to go back and delete the one you copied. Good luck!

You are doing a great job!


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