Monday, February 25, 2008

Bunnies, Bunnies everywhere!

Now I know I have mentioned the Dollar Tree before. I really should get on their payroll for Public Relations! These little guys were there a couple of weeks ago. They are not there now. I always wish I would pick up more when something is this cute.
They look so cute on the buffet in the Living room. I sure don't think they look like a dollar.
These were there too! These are more of a fun look, but they are about 9 inches tall.
This is a precious Easter item. My friend Rose made it many years ago for me. It represents our home, my hubby, me, our son, and daughter. They kinda remind me of Weebles...(oh please tell me that I am not the only one that knows about weebles!!)
Tomorrow I will have to show you the Easter tree. I told my husband on Friday to bring in the box for the little feather tree. I had every intention to take it down. But he is feeling under the weather and didn't get the box. So, I HAD to go to Michaels for something else. And of course, they had egg ornaments. Well come on, the tree was already up! What is a woman to do, but buy the ornaments. My hubby says, "I thought you wanted the tree down?" I told him, "You were too slow." Bet he gets that box next time!!! Let's see....Mother's day could be little clusters of flowers....Father's day....little tools...I gotta quit!


The Barkers said...

Love those eggs! We have weebles! Andrea brought them down this past summer for Jonas. They were hand-me-downs from the girls. Jonas loves them.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love all those bunnies! I was just at Dollar Tree yesterday and they didn't have them there :-(

The egg house and bunnies are adorable! Yes, my kids had Weebles!


nannykim said...

love the bunnies

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