Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good morning Wednesday....

I finally braved the cold weather (yes, to us in Arizona, it has been cold) and tried to do a little "foofing" in the back yard. It has been so cold I haven't been able to plant any flowers. Pretty soon, it will be too hot and they will burn up! Hoping for next weekend! I did "work" on my fake ficus trees on the patio. They had lost some of their branches so I wired them back on. Looks a whole lot better.

Ceiling fan in the guest bedroom turned out really nice. Much better than the builders white.
Husband made me laugh this morning when he said he wanted our company to hurry up and get here so he could quit working around the house. Well, they aren't coming for another 10 days....let's see, the windows need cleaning, patio washed off, I wonder if.......
I better quit!


Connie said...

The "honeydew" list! Every hubby needs one.

Your pictures are great. Good start.
Why did you decide "builders white" doesn't cut it?

How do you rewire a fake ficus? The public wants to know!

who's new at blogging too

Candy said...

That looks like my master bedroom fan! Does it operate with a remote control? I've never even looked at a blog before today. You posted some nice picture! Your decorating is beautiful!


The Barkers said...

Wait! Did Uncle Leonard install this fan? Does the bathroom light come on when you turn on the fan?! haha! Remember the dining room ceiling fan experience on Eastman? I'll never forget it!

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