Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friday - It's Show and Tell!

Well it is time for Show and Tell at Kellishouse.blogspot and I have a show and tell quiz. What are the objects below? I bought them last week at a garage sale. Here is one by itself. I had never seen anything like it before.
While we were in Mexico I purchased this lace tablecloth. It is beautiful.
And have you all seen the birds at Cracker Barrel? I have all three of these little ones.
Ok, I hope you all made a guess.......and they are (insert pause like on TV)

Place card holders! Pretty cool huh?
Show and Tell


Kathy said...

Very cool. I love, love, love the birds. You know one of my "things" is bluebirds! Another great post,C - as usual! For my Show & Tell I posted what I bought last Friday at the antique mall. I had a great shopping day! Take a look at it - you might be just the girl to tell me what something I bought IS! love you my friend...Kathy

Penless Thoughts said...

No, I never would have guessed but that is really neat.

Hadias said...

Very nice. I never would have guessed.

Hootin' Anni said...

Are those place card holders made of hand blown glass? Wow...very nice. I love the bird. We go to Cracker Barrel, and if I bought everything I like there, there'd be no room for US in our home. LOL [I especially like their seasonal wares]

Happy Show n Telling ---
Happy Friday.

A Hint of Home said...

Very clever!
I love the tablecloth. You didn't tell me you got one while in Mexico.
I have all the birds from Cracker Barrel sitting above my Entertainment Ctr. on a metal display with a birdhouse. They are so cute and you can't beat the price. Have a good weekend!

Alice said...

Hehe, I never would have guessed the place card holders. I thought they might be bag clips of some kind.

ivory spring said...

Hi Ceekay,

I would have never thought. I thought they were napkin rings! :)

The bird is cute - thanks for sharing!

Constance said...

Boy am I ever dumb! I thought they were some kind of a sewing bobbin! (Insert "Duh" here) I like the little birds, I haven't eaten at Cracker Barrel in ages. I'm suddenly in the mood for fried apples and fried okra!

Wanita said...

Place card holders - I never would have guessed. The bird are so cute, and the tablecloth is lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

Have a great weekend.

Bonita said...

Very clever!

MammyT said...

Yes. Pretty cool, all right. Now you can work on fancy cards to put in them. that will be fun.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I had no idea they were place card holders! Neat!

Cute little fat bird!


Farrah said...

That was fun! Very interesting! I guessed shower curtain rings, although they could pass for some dried up noodles. LOL! Those are pretty cool!!

Gorgeous tablecloth! :-)

Rue said...

Hi Ceekay!

Thank you so much for coming by :) I can't belive it that some people haven't seen that movie either!

Those place card holders are really cute! I also think it's time to make a trip to Cracker Barrel ;)


Jewelgirl said...

What a fun post! I like the guessing game! I thought they
were plastic thingees for a
shower curtain. Oh well!
Better luck next time!

Charlotte said...

Yes, that is pretty cool. I thought maybe they went together in some kind of puzzle thing. I love the birds. I haven't been to a Cracker Barrel in awhile. Maybe I'd better go check out their birds. Thanks for sharing.

The Apron Queen said...

Never woulda guessed! :D

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