Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have always loved initials. Can't explain it. Just like them. I have always wanted a set of monogramed towels. When we were first married I did have engraved glasses, but for once, I loved them so much I actually used them and they are all gone now. But I still have some intials around the house.
This K I bought on clearance at Kirkland for $4.00.
These handtowels from Linen's and Things when our new store had a grand opening.
This K I printed off the computer on linen paper. I saw this idea on a blog. Sorry don't remember where, but I cannot tell you how rich this looks and you would not know I did it on a home computer. The frame from HomeGoods for $3.50.
If I find more initials I will be apt to buy them, however, I find them harder to find these days. I know Hobby Lobby carries them, but often my letter is out. They have quite a few Q's though!


A Hint of Home said...

I love initials. I don't have much with them, but I'll have to start collecting. Yours are pretty!

Kathy said...

I love your initials. Now you established the beginning of a new collection! I think the linen paper would be gorgeous framed.

Bonita said...

The "K" in the frame is so rich looking! I would never guess it was done on a computer. I think I might have to try it.

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