Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pictures from our Trip!

We had a wonderful time in the Mexican Riviera. Alcapulco, Ixtaca, Puerta Villarta, and my favorite, Cabo San Lucas. This is just a taste of the scenery we saw. We were on the cruise ship Norwegian Star. Highlight for me??? I held an Iguana. He was huge! Shopping?? Not too much. Going back?? Maybe - Manana!!


A Hint of Home said...

Welcome Back! Did you really get the pix of the guying diving. Way to go! Looks like you had fun. Beautiful scenery.

celestina marie said...

Your trip sounds like it was amazing and your pictures tell it all. So glad you had a great time.
Great post!
La Rea Rose

Kathy said...

Fantastic pictures! The question you asked me tonight on the phone -it's the guy diving, right? Good job, Hubby! So glad you're home and had such a great trip!......Kathy

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