Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let me Introduce My Children

I have to brag. I have the best children in the world. I have never heard a sassy word, or seen the eye roll. They have been very easy to take care of, they require very little attention. I truly am blessed...Please meet my children.....

This is Emma
Stephen and Michelle
Annetta & Russell
Christopher and Misty

Ok, I really do have two lovely children. They are grown and I also have two amazing grandbabies....however, they did, and they still do, require much attention! I wanted a large family, however the Lord knew best and gave me what He knew I needed. So, I have my ever obedient, always well maintained, and QUIET children to fill in the gap! I am sure you would brag too!!!


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

LOL Ceekay...I'm with you girl, on the BAKERY!!! I'm not above "fudging" a little for an occasion or party! Once, I did a thing for my husband's office and brought everything from Sam's Club! But I "fluffed" it real well...put everything in my finest china and silver...and everyone loved it! Thought I was the best cook ever! LOL!

When I began reading your post about the children, I felt like the worst mother ever...I thought, why can't my children be that well behaved, where did I go wrong??? You fooled us good with your little concrete children! LOL! They are adorable and stay young and sweet forever!

Take Care! ~Rhonda

Needled Mom said...

Cute blog. I chuckled as I saw the pictures to the words.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

They are adorable and don't talk back! lol...Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. I will add you to my blog roll. I just love this time of year with everything starting to appear. It's time to get the yard art out!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi CeeKay, Absolutely adore your "children". You put a smile on my face. I think your husband is right. I looked up the 1960's French Citroen and that's what it looks like. It was the funniest looking little tiny car, smaller than a VW. I don't think I would have driven it on the freeway. Tell you DH thanks for me. :)

Charlotte said...

Your children ARE lovely. I have two lovely children (real children) who are both grown, but no grandchildren. When I started making dolls, my daughter said I was making my own grandchildren. I guess maybe they were substitutes in a way.
You commented on my different headers. With the template that I use it is very easy. On the page where I add stuff to the sidebar, across the top is a place called Header. I click on edit and delete the picture that is there and add a new one. Some templates are harder to figure out. My husband was using one that I couldn't even figure out how to add anything to the sidebar. He didn't know how to either. He recently changed it and now it is easy to do. The problem with changing templates is that sometimes you lose everything on the sidebar. He didn't have anything there to lose because we hadn't figured out how to add anything, so he is really happy with the new one.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Ceekay,

Thanks for dropping by my website. I enjoyed my visit on your website too! It's nice to meet a fellow dish-aholic on the blogland! :)

Ivory Spring

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh and are they ever adorable too!

Kathy said...

Oh, C...you are too funny! You're "display children" are darling. I happen to know your real children and grandchildren and you are right - they are pretty special too! I have two pretty nice real children and two marvelous real grandchildren, but where did you purchase your display models??? I'm going shopping tomorrow...hmmm.
love you, ya nut!

Kathy said...

I had to laugh when I read Charlotte's comment to your post. When our daughter was first married our son begged her to have a baby so I would stop carrying the cat around like a newborn! And C, if you and Ivory Spring ever find a self help group for "dish-aholics" sign me up at the top of the list! Don't you just love these blogging ladies??!!...Kathy

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What nice, sweet, well-mannered children! You did a marvelous job with them!! ;-)


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