Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the year 2035

Cue the music.....

Children go through boxes of parents "stuff". "What is this? I am not sure...must be a memory card reader of some sort....but, hmmm, where does the USB cord plug in....oh look, it has batteries. We better hang on to it, it could be an antique!"
Well, children, I know these look really wierd to you, but they are called slides! And the battery driven contraption, it is a mini slide viewer.

This weekend, hubby and I went through all the old slides and converted them to the computer. Laughter, tears, and several...man, we looked good back then...we finally finished. I laughed when I realized that our children surely would not know what the viewer was for.
I thought you also might like to see the pin I mentioned for Mother's day. I always wear this every mother's day....about 24 years or so now.
And these little fellas were quacking up a storm by my son's apartment. He ran and got some bread so I could feed them.
They sure are beautiful! I had a great time with my son and hubby on Sunday. However, my daughter was ill. We will have to make up the day later...cuz you know I have to see those grandbabies!


Needled Mom said...

Guess slides are out along with the rotary phones. Oh dear!!! Glad they can be converted to discs these days.

Unknown said...

LOL! I knew exactly what that was when I saw it, but most people my age would not, I don't think. My Grandpa developed his own slides and had GOBS of them. At family reunions, we always have a slide show, but it would take years to convert them or even go through them all.

Judy said...

I can truly identify with the slide thing...we just went through all of my parent's slides and had the 'keepers' made into digital photos. We still have lots of our own that need editing! How things have changed.

Thanks for your visit!

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