Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Tray Tablescape

Many times when I am not feeling well, my husband will prepare a tray for my breakfast. In honor of that I thought I would show the tray set for an Autumn breakfast for my tablescape at Susan's.

The place mat is a brown beaded mat from Target. I only have the one.

A plaid napkin with a leaf napkin ring.

Little scarecrow teapot.

Homemade blueberry muffins...yes, I said homemade. More about that in a minute!

A little butter for the muffins.

A cup of tea....

Yum...my kind of breakfast!

Ok, so now for the muffins. I am sure many of you know how to do this...but you can take any cake mix or muffin mix and instead of adding the water, oil, and eggs, JUST add a can of diet pop (soda). I use Diet Sierra Mist. Bake as directed for the cupcakes and voila! I did add some extra blueberries to this mixture, cuz I had them! You will not be able to tell the difference!
Don't forget to visit at Susan's for the other beautiful Tablescapes!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful tray Ceekay and the muffins look and sound delish!!

once in a blue moon... said...

cute and cozy~

Lori E said...

Another tea time table. Cute little teapot. Pop in the muffin? Okay. Hmmm.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love your tray Ceekay. The little teapot and creamer are so cute. The butter dish is darling. You are so clever. No, I did not know about the soda. Interesting. I will definitely have to try that. This would be a wonderful tray to have at anytime. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Hey Ceekay I didn't know that about the soda...How cool is that alot of times I will run out of eggs but always have diet soda here with Len...Love seeing this and how great that your hubs will do this for you...might would't even think to ask me if I wanted a cup of tea unless I already had it made ha ha!! Hey he's still in training...Thanks for coming by and I hope you are feeling better girl..Hows the chemo going...God bless and take care...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Maureen said...

Your diet soda trick was news to me! I'll definitely have to try it!

I love your tray scape, but I would be terrified of spilling on your gorgeous quilt!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I didn't know about the soda - goodness -- what a wonderful tray to perk you up.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Beautiful Tray Tablescape. Love that little butter dish and creamer. Is that milk glass?


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is so neat, and so sweet that your dh makes a breakfast tray for you! Where did you get that little scarecrow tea pot? I want one!! So cute!

No, I haven't heard of that recipe! I've got to try it! Thanks!


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Sweet little snack idea. It would improve anyones mood.
♥, Susan

xinex said...

So pretty, Ceekay. I love the pumpkin teapot...Christine

D said...

Well that's just adorable. I just love that scarecrow tea pot. Too cute!

Julie said...

Hi Ceekay, love youe fall tray...

The Berry's Patch said...

Soda? Wow! I'll have to try that.

Your tray is so darn cute. It's those little touches that make it so special.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Ceekay, this tray looks lovely, and your quilt is so pretty too. Love that scarecrow tea pot. I've never heard of adding soda to the muffins! I'll have to give that a try. laurie

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

It's wonderful, had to scroll up and down to look at everything at least 4 times! The scarecrow is too cute! I had no idea you could do that with a cake mix, sounds fun to try. I have so much fun with setting up a tray, your turned out great.

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

I used little leaf plates in my tablescape this week too! I love your little scarecrow teapot. Happy TT to you!

Myrna said...

Awww. I'd feel better in no time with a darling little 'tray-scape' like that! :-)
Now, just to be sure, do you use THE WHOLE can of diet soda? I heard about it for cakes, but didn't know about it for muffins! That would make it so much more lo-cal!! I gotta try it!

Janie's World said...

You've done a great job on that tray for one, what a special treat. I love the little scrarecrow teapot and the butter dish with the leafy knife. Very pretty!

Cynthia said...

So cozy! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Chandy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous colors you used!

Chari said...

Hi Ceekay...

What a beautiful autumny breakfast tray, my friend! Mmmm...it looks like my kind of breakfast too! Girl, I have never heard of adding a can of diet soda to blueberry muffins...I'm going to have to give that a try! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!!!

Now...back to the tray! That's just the prettiest placemat and I love that autumn leaf plate...so pretty! But I must admit that my favorite is that little scarecrow teapot..it's absolutely adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your breakfast with us, Darlin'! Hehe! Loved it!!!

Warmest wishes,

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! I love anything set on a pretty Tray...

My children always brought me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Now that they are grown and gone it is something I REALLY miss...

Sweet times, gone wayyyyy tooo soon!

PS: Hope you are feeling better~

Susie Q said...

What a beautiful tray setting Ceekay! So pretty, so cozy! That little tea pot and creamer are so dear...and oh! HOME made blueberry muffins! I can almost smell them! : )
May I add you to my blog rolls? I am so enjoying my visit!
Happy Fall!

Rettabug said...

Honey, you deserve to be pampered so give your sweet DH a pat on the back for doing it so well. :)

What a unique little scarecrow teapot!! I've never seen one like him.

Your whole tray looks so comforting...it makes me want to go put the kettle on right now.

Thank you for the tip about the diet pop in a cake mix. I did not know that & will try it tomorrow when little Caroline comes for a visit. I think she will get a kick out of making such cupcakes. :D

Brenda said...

And everything looks so very pretty on that gorgeous quilt!

Carrie said...

Lovely setting for a lovely fall get away time.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Ceekay, this is just beautiful and totally charming. I love it.

Barb ♥

Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas!
Enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing what you are sharing with Tablescape Thursday.
So very pretty and cheery.

Autumn Blessings to you,
d from HomeHaven

nannykim/spindle cottage said...

I think it is a wonderful idea to have a fancy little tray like that when someone is sick--cool. It would be neat to do for kids too. HEY--I have a question. Do you think sparkling water would work too?

Kathy said...

I LOVE your Autumn "sick bed" tray! That's what my mom always called it when she made us a tray when we were home from school sick. That tea pot is adorable!

I've got to say, I have never heard of your awesome "recipe", but I'm sure going to try it! I'm impressed! (only because I know you're not a big baker). The muffins look yummy!

Have a fabulous weekend - talk to you soon. Thanks for the text fest tonight during Larry King and Private Practice!
Love ya,

Happy@Home said...

That is a breakfast tablescape that is almost sure to make you feel better. The teapot is so cute and I love that little butter dish too.
Now, I never heard of that muffin trick. I'll have to remember that one.

Thanks so much for your kind comments and prayers for my sister.

Heather said...

what a great breakfast! love the tray all set up. i did not know that little trick with the diet soda!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ceekay! I've never heard of this and must try it! I love the leaf plate and have been picking some up at Walmart every year! They are so handy! and cute too! Pretty fall touches! I adore the teapot!!! Have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

Laura said...

What a beautiful tablescape. I enjoyed visiting so much.


Melanie said...

Hi, 'Wondering how you are doing.
I've been praying for you as you keep coming to my mind night and day. If you can, let me know how your week went.

debbie said...

Dear Ceekay,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope this finds you feeling better. Your tray is so beautiful. I love your scarecrow teapot.
The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful husband and I am quite sure he feels the same way.
Thank you for the recipe with diet soda....that is awesome it would take the place of valuable ingredients, when diet soda has no nutritional value but I love diet pepsi.
I DO KNOW YOU SERVE A BIG GOD! AND HE IS GOOD TO ALL OF US AND YOU KNOW EVEN THOUGH AMY IS SO VERY ILL, AND I KNOW HE HAS NOT LEFT ME.....it is not easy to hand a child back to God...that is why my heart feels so shattered and she has endured terrible suffering. she has a trach and can not take any thing by mouth....she has a peg tube into her stomach that she gets her meds through...she has no muscle left in her legs or arms....her thighs measure 10 inches now.....it is very painful to set across from a dr. at 33 years old and be told...let hospice help you there is nothing we can do....you are going to die! Get your living will made....she wants to live more than anyone I know. She can't walk, she can't talk, she can't stand, she can't shop, the tumor on her neck continues to grow every day...she cannot turn her head to the left...she cannot lay on her side because of the weight of the tumor....she can never be left alone...She throws up, and then smiles and lifts her thumb up that everything is ok......the only thing that has brought her joy are the beautiful cards that come from the precious bloggers.
I will add you, Ceekay to my prayer list. I pray there is a new treatment that will help you.
The last 4 months before they attempted to do surgery on Amy, they depleted her whole body using chemo that only slowed the growth of the mass but has been very harmful in this phase of things.
I will come back and read your blog as time allows.
I wish and pray for sunshine days and the love of the Lord always be felt around you and your husband.
Angel Hugs

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

I love the tray idea, and the breakfast idea, and the hubby making it idea! Hahaha. What a great post. We will have to try this sometime!
Have a blessed day.

Connie said...

So you're saying...when you don't feel well, that Len puts out this beautifully set tray with muffins and tea and pretty napkin ring, and cute tea pot...?? Wow! You've trained him well!!

I couldn't resist.

Kathleen said...

How cute is that Ceekay! I love it..what a nice little treat presented so "fallishly: New word..:)

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