Friday, October 26, 2012


Is anyone out there that believes like I do, that somehow time is faster than it used to be?  I am struggling to keep up with everything and trying NOT to get frustrated!!

I have so much to post about, but finding TIME to do the posts, challenging.

Spending most of yesterday at doctor's offices and tests...didn't help, but it was necessary.

Tuesday afternoon my husband, due to a Groupon purchase, took me out to lunch someplace we didn't even know existed in Phoenix.

It is called the Farm.  We loved it.  Just a bit of country, right on the edge of a mountain.

Enjoy some pics!!

The lunch comes in Baskets....and this pie was delicious!

 Look at this patio girl had heels on...she was struggling to stay upright!

I had to take this pictures....I told my hubby, the girls will love all the rusty chippiness!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Japolina said...

That place looks amazing! How fun!

Salmagundi said...

What a beautiful garden - I suppose it stays green all winter long down there. Snow in Colorado today, but it is beautiful; and now the sun is shining. Sally

Vee said...

I did! Love the pictures of you two, as well. You're so cute! What a great place to find. It looks as if you're right out in the country. I'm sure that you'll return again and again.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a wonderful place, Ceekay! Your sandwich looks delicious and I can just imagine the pie! The shop looks fun, too! Great pictures!

I know what you mean about time flying. I just can't seem to squeeze enough time out of each day. And after Christmas I just totally lose track.

Glad you found this great place and hope you get to go back soon!


NanaNor's said...

Ceekay, I'm in awe of your sunshine girl. We've got snow here(6")and although our sun is out and shining, I'm not sure it will get warm today. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place. I'll have to remember it in case hubby and I make a trip down this winter. Have a great weekend.

Cherrie said...

Looks like some place I would like to visit. Thanks for sharing!

Adrienne said...

Yes, time is going so much faster than ever! I'm with you - too many things to do, not enough time. Loved the wonderful place you had lunch. What a neat setting!

Karen said...

I'm laughing. I told you about that restaurant. Joy & I had lunch there on our way to Texas!

btw - it all looks back to normal today. That was so weird yesterday!


Cyn said...

Ceekay I have been here my whole life and never knew of this place! you look great!

Happy@Home said...

I agree ... time is whizzing by faster every year.
We often do Groupons and have discovered a lot of places we never would have known about.
Your Groupon discovery looks fabulous. what fun. I love, love, love that photo of you on the garden gate. So cute and you look so happy. Ceekay, you are such an inspiration!!
Hugs to you.

Liz said...

FUN! I don't think I know about this place. I wanna go! :)

Did you all have fun today. I missed you! :)


Katherine Wolak said...

Agreed girl! Time flies twice as fast as before, I swear! :) And I love the rusty chippyness you show here! :D


Susan said...

Ceekay, there you go having fun again!! I love it!!
This place looks amazing!
Ceeky, I certainly feel like time flies by anymore as well. I understand about not having the time to blog or keep up with anything else.
With all the doctor visits the testing, it is very difficult. Also with working full time, I feel so very frustrated that I don't have the time to do things I enjoy.
So girlfriend every chance you go have some fun and more fun!!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how fun. This is a place that Jim would love. I love your pic. Hugs, Marty

Divine Theatre said...

What a lovely setting!
I have not been around lately but I thought of you quite a bit. You look so beautiful in these photos!



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