Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello September!

I have been waiting for you!

We had an active weekend.  Our son came over and in the dark made a small patio for me in the back yard....it is so nice....
My husband put up some more trim inside the house.
We went to a Labor Day BBQ...that was a lot of fun and
I had chemo this morning.

My plants outside are enjoying the 100 degree weather as opposed to the 115 degree weather.
I also wanted to mention that HL has a small bottle of chalkboard paint for 3.99.  I was thrilled to find this, as the cans are way more than I need....so maybe some of you are looking for the same amount.

Hope you all had an enjoyable Labor day and that you didn't have to Labor...for that day at least!


NanaDiana said...

How are you doing with the chemo, Ceekay? How much longer are you on this particular course of treatment? I think it has been quite a while, hasn't it?

Glad your son put in a patio- how wonderful!!! xo Diana

Olive Cooper said...

I need some chalk paint but I have so much to paint and no energy for it. We have had our temps really drop so I hope yours do to and we have had so much rain and mosquitoes. I am actually afraid of them as folks are getting West Nile virus here and dying. Being immuno-suppressed myself I am not going outside at this point. I hope your treatment went well. xoxo, olive

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sounds like you are soooooo busy. Things seem to be coming along at your place. Wish you lived closer. Hugs, Marty

Sarah said...

A cool front is headed our way.......it's supposed to be in the 90s. LOL
Eager to see your new patio.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It sounds like a great weekend until you got to the crappy chemo...Hope you feel well in a couple of days. Thanks for the tip on chalkboard paint, crippes I am stuck with the big can :(


Mary Ellen said...

Oh Ceekay I think anything over 100 is hot! Can you really feel the difference?

Hope you are feeling ok after your treatment. We just visited a friend today that is doing chemo and she is struggling so- it has just wiped her totally out and put her into a depression.

I worked at the Antique on Monday and I labored! We were super busy which was great but I didn't get anything but taking care of customers done- I wanted to redo the window display- have to wait for another time!

bee blessed

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your header is so pretty, Ceekay...I am ready for fall, too! I hope the chemo is going okay...and the dented cornea issue you talked about on your other blog, doesn't trouble you too much! Thanks so much for stopping by my project post!

Katherine Wolak said...

Sounds like you had alot of love this wekend! What an adorable son! :) I hope all is well with you my dear, and that chemo is going good.


Gail said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful but yet productive Labor Day weekend. Enjoy your day, Gail

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

ohh yeaaaa, a new Patio.. I cant wait to see it..
sounds like you had a fun Labor day.

I am praying your treatments are over soon and you can say goodbye once and for all to sickness and enjoy a long and happy life in health and joy.

its still in the high 80's and low 90's here. I am looking forward to cool weather and getting my yard ready for winter.

I am grateful to have a home but it is a lot of work in every season.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

How sweet of your son to make a patio for you. I am so glad we are past the 100 degree temps...knock on wood! We have still seen a few 90's but, at least our nights are cool. Hope you have a delightful day!

Vee said...

That you are happy with 100 instead of 115 shows just how brutal 115 is. Glad that the plants are reviving. Have a very good day staying cool and resting. A good book and some nibbles sounds like a plan.

Debby said...

I have seen that paint. I need to get some.
I am sorry that I didn't know that you were taking chemo. I missed that somehow. I will say some prayers for you.

Shelia said...

Hi Ceekay! I hope you're feeling okay from your treatment. I'm praying for you!
Sounds like a busy and fun weekend. When you feel better I hope we'll see your new patio.
Be a sweetie and thanks for popping over to see Sue.
Shelia ;)

A Hint of Home said...

How nice of R.K. to help with the patio. I know you'll love it as it cools down for you.
Glad things went ok today and you are feeling better.

Happy@Home said...

How sweet of your son to build you a patio ... and in the dark, no less.
I hope you are feeling okay after your chemo.
We are going to be getting a new HL here. It is being built right now. I am so excited. The small chalkboard paint sounds perfect. Thanks for the tip.

Liz said...

Oh! Good to know! I wanted to make some little glasses like yours. You know the ones that you served us lemonade in...... :)

Yay about the little patio!


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