Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lunch with some of my new Neighbors....

Monday, the community where we will be moving soon had a luncheon for the ladies.  I thought I would join in.They had the room all decorated for St. Patrick's Day. 
This month they tried a new activity...I thought it was really a different idea.  Some ladies were told to go to various resale shops and pick up an outfit to model.  I am not much for buying my clothes resale...but I hope maybe they will do the same idea for a tablescape contest...I could so go for that!

I did take some pictures....Trust was way more fun than packing!!

 This was the door prize...all of the items were made from chocolate!

 I wanted to show some painting....cuz I know blogging = painting!!

The hinges on our doors were ugly brass.  Well, this place is 35 years old!  anyways...I told my hubby....the ladies on the blog paint theirs....he was skeptical, but gave it a try....blogging is so good for MY brillantness!!!

Before....hard to tell cuz it is outside...but trust me...they are brass.

More to come.....


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh CK, this is going to be such a fun place to live. All the ladies look so cute and their outfits are great finds. The hinges are super. They turned out great. Hugs, Marty

Betty Sneeringer said...

Good for you!!!! Being social with your neighbors before even moving in. You will make a good adjustment - in time.


Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

Sounds like you are joining a fun community Ceekay. That's so good that you are joining in right away. You will make alot of friends with your fun personality.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Ceekay,
I have been catching up with you today and I just read you were moving. I know how you are feeling, Gary and I have moved 19 times! I know its terrible we bought homes and fixed them up and then sold them. I do believe we are done moving now and this will be our last home. Just look at as a new place to decorate and remember home is where you hang your hat and where your loved ones are.
A while back Gary put new hardware on all the doors throughout our home, we still have to change out the hinges. I love your idea of painting them, I just have to get Gary to take every door off and remove the hinges so I can paint them (I don't think he wants to do it)LOL. Please Don't stop blogging, it will so much fun to see your new home and how you make it yours, besides I would miss you so much.
Have a sweet day and I will keep you in my prayers :)
Hugs, Elizabeth

NanaNor's said...

Hi Ceekay, I love your getting to know your new neighbors; sounds like a wonderful group and now that they have you-it will be perfect! I love how you painted your hinges and of course seeing your new "butler"is good as well. Praying that you don't overdue with packing!
Hugs, Noreen

Cyn said...

Hey..I think hubby has some paint like that!!! HUmm have to go snooping. LOL

Vee said...

Good for you to join right in with the ladies who'll be your neighbors. Very cool. And I'm sure that you can teach them a few of your tricks!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Just show us already. That is such a great idea on the hinges.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi CeeKay Sweetie...
A really nice share. Looks like you had such a wonderful time with the ladies. I love it that you already have a jump start into Spring. Some really cute outfits.

Loved the chocolate giveaway. Isn't that tea cup the best? Looks so yummy.

I love the paint that you used for the hinges and door handles. I need to do the same thing for ours. Thanks for the wonderful share.

Hope you have a glorious evening dear friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Marigene said...

Sounds like a fun place to live, CeeKay!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Ceekay,
I am praying that you will be happy in the new home. It seems as if you are joining in and getting the neighbors to love you as we do!
Big hugs to you,
(Don't over do!)

Mary Ellen said...

Ceekay so fun seeing that you are jumping right in and meeting your new neighbors!!

You might just find yourself loving clothes thrifting one of these days! I find the best things and can buy so much more for my money! I cannot tell you when the last time was that I bought something retail- I don't even walk into the malls (as if we even have one here!)

Great job on the hinges. It is amazing what a little paint can do!

Have been cleaning house all day getting ready for Jonathan and his friend- They will get in late tonight so it will be a late night for me!

bee blessed

Blondie's Journal said...

it looks like the ladies love to have a good time! And I hope you did, too! :)


NanaDiana said...

It looks like you are already connecting in your new place. I am happy for you and that should help ease things along. I have spray painted a lot of hinges in my life! Yours look great! xo Diana

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

How fun to meet your future neighbors! Those ladies look nice and the clothes for the fashion show look great! Sounds like a fun place to live. You'll have them tablescaping, decorating, and painting in no time! LOL! Hinges look good!


Japolina said...

What a fun idea for that fashion show. I also like your table top idea too!

Shelia said...

Hi Ceekay! Oh, how fun. Looks like you're going to have lots of ladies who love to have fun in your new place! What a great idea for that luncheon! I love how your hinges turned out! I've done that to knobs before! Now I'm so thrilled for you because I can hear some excitement in your written voice! :)
God is good.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbiedoo's said...

What a fun looking group Ceekay! Lovely fashionista's too. Great job on the spray paint, I love spray paint:)

Shelia said...

Thanks for popping in to see me, Ceekay, and I hope you have a great weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Karen said...

Let me know if it stays on. I used this for my curtain rods and it chipped off rather quickly. And I even primed them!

Ms. Redo said...

The party looks like fun, what a wonderful good time! And I need to say that I absolutely love all Rustloleum 2 in 1! Hugs ~ Mary

Kathleen said...

They look like they are wild and crazy! :) Remember to behave yourself!
Hope you are adjusting.

shannon i olson said...

that sounds like a fun time, I am willing to bet they will do a tablescape! I love the way the hinges worked out, great way to update since hardware can be so very expensive. have a great day CeeKay!

Liz said...

It looks like a lot of thought went in to this event! I bet they are going to ADORE you!

I'm still anxious to see the new homestead. :) I bet you're doing amazing things to it. :)


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