Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Many Picture Frames??

I am laughing at myself right now.  I know that my friend Candy is saying, sure, you tell me I have a lot of picture frames...
But I do love family pictures.  The other day I went around and took shots of all the different frames I have out NOW.  (we won't talk about the ones I have stored away! )  I also have to say, this does not include your typical wood frames.  I didn't take those.  So, I will show you a few of my favorite you have your sweet tea?  This could take awhile.

 I love this picture and frame, it is of my husband and me in Hawaii.....such wonderful memories.  See the hair?  I was so bald from chemo, but I always wore a wig. 

 I love scrolly frames.  I know the pic of me and the kids isn't the best, but I love this picture of them with their pinwheels....they were so little.
 My son messed up GD's hair and it was the greatest shot....This frame was perfect with the round opening.
 I love this frame.  It is black and gold...the pic is of us on the slab of our home being built.

 These two frames are the oddest color...sort of between gold and silver...with my grandchildren little!!  They are of those old fashion settings. 
 This frame I am crazy about.  I like the crystals hanging in each frame.
 My mom bought me this frame probably 35 years ago at Hudson's.  I have all my old family pics in it.
 Another scrolly one!
 My wonderful friend Karen made this one for me....that is Karen, Marty and I in California.
 This is a huge frame in our hallway.  I love it, but I never, NEVER change the is just too hard to get back up on the wall!
 Ro and I have this same frame.  It is probably 35 years old too.  (do you see the baby on the left...I will have to show that frame sometime....that is me!)
 This was my mother's frame.  It is painted on a was falling apart and I had it repaired.
 Mini frames are so hard to find anymore....this is my mom and dad.
 This vintage frame I picked up when my kids were about the age in the picture.  My husband when he had a beard!
 This silver frame has a picture of my Grandpa in the Dodge band - 1918.
 I love what the frame says...we can go anywhere, if we go together, no matter where we are, we're home.  I found this frame when we first moved to AZ....I kinda wasn't real happy to be here at first. (I tried several times to get this clearer, but really, the frame is actually kinda blurry itself)
 Love oval shape frames...this is my husband's mom and aunt around the 40's. Look at those hats!
Ro bought me this gorgeous teapot is a favorite of mine!
This is a 2x3 frame...kinda brass colored.  It has a chalk print of my husband's grandmother as a child.  Wish I had that doll!!!
 This frame is was a gift for our 25th anniversary - hmmm, 13 years ago!
I made this collage for our 25th of just the two of us in those 25 years.  Note:  remember to take pictures of just you and your husband.  We didn't do this enough once we had kids. Now I wish I had more pictures from back then....

Are you all still here?  Nope, I don't collect I?

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Sweet Meanderings said...

You say I have a lot of frames?! I particularly love the vintage frames and the wonderful older pictures. I think you could give me a run for my money when it comes to number of frames!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

CK, you do have a lot of frames, but I love them all. You have such great pics in all of them. I love the way you display them too. Hugs, marty

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

P.S. Just wondering, won't your pics go to xlarge with your new format on your blog. These look good, but I thought maybe you could do bigger. Hugs, Marty

Susan said...

Ceekay you do have a lot of frames! But it makes a wonderful statement about you! Your family is more important to you than anything in this world! This is a good thing!

NanaDiana said...

You don't COLLECT use them as decorative items in your home! I love frames too and I would be afraid to count how many I have out - not to count how many I have stashed away.

We don't have a lot of pictures of just the two of us together either. I have always hated having my picture taken. What a fun post~ xo Diana

Cyn said...

I see I am not the only one that is a frame-a-holic! They are all wonderful!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Huh! No one can beat your frames, Sweet C!

They are gorgeous. All have their own charm. Lovely settings too.

Hope you feel better for everyday- I may not active in leaving you some words but I am following your blogs.
My heart aches for you, the only thing I can share. But, as my old dad said " make the best of it---no matter how. Stand still and be strong, that's all important thing to count"

Happy TS…

Stockholm sending a warm "hug" to the most strongest bloggie lady, I know.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

You can never have enough frames! I love all your pictures. They really show some lovely memories I'm sure.

Happy 4th!

A Hint of Home said...

Wow! I love all your pretty frames! You do have a lot but then again so do I. lol
Look at that picture of you and I.
That was so long ago and special times.

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh...I love the pictures AND the frames. It shows such a great love for your family.

Beautiful sweet friend~


Celestina Marie Designs said...

WOW Ceekay, I was just about to visit you when your comment came through.
I just love frames and yours are awesome. We have many of the same ones too. You have some precious family pics.
Love the teapot frame from Ro. In fact, I was going to ask you about her. I have visited several times and I am missing her. No new posts since the end of May, so I imagine she is on vacation. Hope all is well.

Enjoyed your collection. I think you like frames!!
Have a wonderful 4th of July!
XO Celestina Marie

Karen said...

That is such a pretty collection of frames, each one is prettier then the next. Thanks for visiting!

Liz said...

:) Wonderful! I love it and I pretty much know where all these pictures sit in your pretty home. :)


note to self: take more pictures of the hubs and I .....

Cozy Home Scenes said...

That teapot frame is so unusual and pretty! I enjoyed looking at your pictures and the pretty frames you have them in.

When we first moved in our house, we were a little embarassed when people came to our house because we had picture frames all over. Seems hardly anyone else in the neighborhood had pictures out like that.

However, everyone talked about how much they loved seeing the pictures and said that was what made our house our home. Don't worry about how many frames you have. That just means you have a lot of good memories to share!

elizabeth said...

I think you may have solved the mystery about my vintage find. It makes sense that it could be for candle dipping! Praying for you by the way. :)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Beautiful frames and beautiful family Ceekay! I love that photo of your granddaughter in the hat box with all of the pearls, and the one of the two women in hats! Your blog looks so good. laurie

Anonymous said...

I liked looking at all the great pictures inside those frames!!

Yup you were right about the starch!How'd you get to be so smart!?

Happy 4th

bee blessed

Jann Olson said...

Hi Ceekay,
I'm glad to see that someone else besides me has a collecting addiction of some kind. LOL! Can you believe I don't have too many frames? They are wonderful, and I love all the pics. My favorites are: Messy hair, the one with the old pics, frame made by Karen,(we all need a little hope), teapot and mini frame. Thanks so much for your concern for my son-in-law. Oh, and yes I have a basement. My hubby built me a great storage room. Can you believe, (all but the dishes) fit in 3 med. size containers. Have a happy 4th!

A Perfect Setting said...

Oh my, I do love all your frames! Family photos are so special, and it's so wonderful that you have displayed them in such a great way. I have a large oval frame of my mom and her sister when they were little, your post gives me inspiration--maybe I'll post it one day!! Thanks, and also I appreciate your visit and kind comment. Loved my visit!

Designs on 47th Street said...

I enjoyed seeing some of your frames.. and even more so the people pictured. :) You have such a nice family. I am featuring a frame on my post today too. I can never get enough of them!


Vee said...

Such fun to see all your frames with so many wonderful family pictures. One thing I know, I need more frames.

(Oh I'm going to take your advice and ask folks to take a picture of the two of us when we're out and about. I have only three.)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Ceekay, You do have a lot of frames but they hold wonderful memories for you and your family. I have quite a collection of frames myself. Thanks for joining my party and I hope you have a great 4th!

Sue said...

My goodness, Ceekay- you do have a lot of different frames! I love the vintage looking ones. I honestly don't display many photos but I always like visiting other people and checking out all their photos. Wonder why I don't have pictures?! LOL
Hope you're having a nice holiday. woo hoo fireworks display tonite!
~ Sue

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