Monday, May 18, 2009

People, it is 107 Degrees today!

so, we got out of Phoenix.....Perfect day for a Road trip. We went to Jerome, AZ, where it is about 25 degrees cooler, in the mountains....once a booming mining town, known as the Most wicked town in Arizona! When you get in "town" the streets are very narrow!

Here is part of an abandoned mine.

The fire station.

Some antiques you can purchase!!

Charlotte, I thought of you!!!

Old mining equipment on display.

Town's warning bell!

View of some of the old buildings.

Jerome was the red light district in the day! All of Jerome is now an Historic landmark.

Oh my goodness....this Restaurant was absolutely divine! Seriously, I haven't had such good food in a lonnnnng time. Very different and delicious. We HAVE to go back!

Another house built into the side of the mountain. Look at the double round porches!

View from the top of mountain.

More beautiful scenery!

Jerome has its own Grand Hotel! Original boiler and 1926 Otis elevator. I would love to stay here sometime!

See the side of the mountain again! Amazing!

I wanted to bring home something copper....uh, that didn't happen! But these are beautiful!

We just had the best good to get away. Come to AZ sometime and visit Jerome! It is well worth the trip!


Stacey said...

107? Really? Ick!! I'd be hiding in the movie theater. Thanks for the tour of Jerome. It's a neat little town.

Happy @ Home said...

107? ~ yikes that's hot!! Sounds like a smart idea to take a road trip to escape that heat. Was it cooler in Jerome? It looks like an interesting place to visit with lots of nice scenery and antiques too.

A Hint of Home said...

Looks like you guys has an amazing time. I thought of you yesterday. So glad you could get away and enjoy some time with Hub.
What an amazing town. Love the hotel.

marty39 said...

I have been to Jerome many times and it is always a fun trip. Love the old buildings and all the cute little shops. So glad you had a fun day. Hugs, Marty

Connie said...

Visit Jerome in 107 degree heat???
Uh, not this northern girl! do you breathe when it's that hot??

Gorgeous pictures. On a day in the 80's - sounds like a perfect place to visit!

Love ya,
Constance LaRayne

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

That was so fun! I think I would absolutely love Arizona, you have so many interesting things desert, mountains. Don't you just love that we now have air-conditioning! Stay cool.

Bo said...

Hi Ceekay....Boy, this brought back memories...we lived in Phoenix
in the early 70s and drove to Jerome once...but it looks vastly better now than I was definitely a Ghost Town when we were there... ;-) Bo

Myrna said...

107? Yes, but isn't it a DRY heat?
LOL! That's what they say to make it seem not so bad! ;-)
Thanks for visiting me~ and thanks for the tour of that darling little town of Jerome!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, 107??? I thought it was hot here, but 107??? Whew!

Loved the trip to Jerome, and I wish I had been at that fancy restaurant with you. I've been bad all day. Mr. Magpie isn't here, and I've been eating ice cream all day. I tell myself that it's for a Foodie Friday post. LOL! But I've been through too much to kid myself. ;-)

Thanks for the tour, Ceekay!


Sheila :-)

A Hint of Home said...

Why don't we co-author one??? There's an idea.

dana said...

Hi CeeKay!! Oh, this Jerome post brings back great memories!! My hubby and I visited that town when we were on our Grand Canyon vacation a few years back!! We ranked this town right up there on our favorite spots to see while in Arizona. We toured the home/museum of the former owner of the mine (I think) and then we ate in a spot high above the town--it was a hamburger place, as I recall and it was also very good. The history of that town was very interesting and I love the big J on the hillside.

Thanks for the tour--you got to see more fun stuff than I did--my hubby's not into that like I am! :)

L, Dana

Kathy said...

What a totally great day! I can't wait to see Jerome first hand - hopefully in 2009! Pictures await!

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