Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Reality TV Show!

Because I have decided I don't need to watch the drama between J*n and K*te, I thought I might contact TLC and see if my idea for a new reality show might work.....

L and Ceekay– The Boring Zone

Future episodes:

Today watch L cut coupons for upcoming Senior Day at Fry’s Grocery Store

L and Ceekay watch for bench outside of store to hail Grand Opening of Walgreens

Follow L on his exercise program…..will he climb ladder out of pool or opt for Beach exit?

Should Ceekay grab hand basket for magazine or play it safe with grocery cart – aka walker?

Panic fills the K home when their source of world contact and entertainment, Cox system goes out!!

Ceekay battles with cost of pedicure at salon or whether she can see her toenails to do it herself!

And just in!!! Tension mounts as L can't find pocket comb and makes accusations that Ceekay "PUT IT SOMEPLACE"!

Stay tuned for more exciting and REAL reality from L and Ceekay, the Boring Zone!


Melody said...

Too funny! I'm so bored right now, I just might tune in...

dana said...

You are a comedian, CeeKay!! I LOVED this suggestion of yours---I believe most of us can identify with what your ideas! I can tell you the comb line was the best. My husband just spent 20 min. digging through the "junk drawer"---CERTAIN there were some AAA batteries floating around in it so he could "fire up" his remote control. I told him before he started on "the dig" that there were no batteries in the drawer and he said: I know I just bought some. The word "just" (in his mind) meant last week, but in real time it was MONTHS ago. Those batteries are loooong gone! Yes, your reality TV idea will be a winner!

Have a great weekend. L, Dana

Jadehollow said...

*howling* ... Girl you ain't right!
Too Funny!
Have a blessed weekend and good luck on that pedi decision.. if your eyes are as bad as mine.. pick the pro!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are a scream! Love it!


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

How cute. I would watch it.

Chandy said...

Ceekay, I'd watch your show! Better yet I'd watch in slo-mo... LOL

Coming from Susan's (Between Naps) and if you have a garage sale, don't tell me, I'd be just as upset as I know I can't be there to partake of my blog buddies' treasures... LOL

Oh, make sure to expand on that grabbing a magazine or not idea... Maybe make it more interesting by looking interested in one of the pages and holding still. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Ok CeeKay...I'm LOL on this one! Hysterical. Who knew you had such humor inside you.

I even had to drag my hubby in my office to read this. LAUGHING his sides off.


Heather said...

LOL, i'd totally watch your reality show!

Linda C said...

Which one did you pick?- I'm left hanging here- basket or cart???- the cliff hanger of the season:)--I would definitely watch!

Honestly- this is more reality than those show:)

Cute post, CeeKay!

Linda C

Happy @ Home said...

This sounds like a reality show I can relate to. Great post ~ put a smile on my face for sure.

Beth at Aunties said...

Thanks for the smiles! :-)!!!


Casabella West said...

That was very was funny cause it sounded too familiar! I always want a pedicure, but always end up doing it myself. Liz

Carla said...

Real life is so NOT boring!! LOL:)

the wild raspberry said...

really funny stuff there!
have a wonderful day.

ps maybe i can put coconut in our next giveaway!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

That was so funny! I bet it sounds like a lot of our lives! My husband always says I moved something when he can't find it. Thanks for the smiles. laurie

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is funny! And why not? It's as good as some of the other reality shows!


Ashley ~ said...

I agree with you about Jon & Kate. I've lost my interest in watching them now that nothing seems to even be about the 'family' anymore. Too sad to watch someone's life falling apart on prime time TV. *sigh* _Ashley

Kathy said...

Funny! I'm kind of looking forward to a little boring after this wedding is over!

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