Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Neighborhood Heartache

This morning I was awakened to the sound of sirens and helicopters overhead. I knew something happened and it was close. I opened our shutters in the Living Room and the street was full of police cars.
Shortly after on the news we heard the awful news, a baby had nearly drowned in the bathtub. The 8 month old was left alone apparently. I am just stating what the news is reporting. This home is about 4 houses down from me across the street.
My husband and I have been heartsick all day. Apparently, the child is alive. That is all we know. And what the future holds for this family is obviously still up in the air.
The news stopped at our home and I felt compelled to speak to them. Then I worried if I answered their questions correctly and with kindness. Finally, the news was aired and I was very happy with what they showed.
I said, " My heart goes out to this family. You can never leave a baby alone. Accidents happen even when you are watching. It is a lot of work (parenting)."
My prayer was that maybe people will slow down and know that it only takes a minute, a second, for something like this to happen. AZ has a large amount of child drownings, for various reasons.
We are praying for this precious little one and her family. I am sure they are devastated.
I didn't feel like doing a fun post today. Maybe...tomorrow.

Hug your babies!


Needled Mom said...

Prayers go out to everyone involved. The guilt would be a horrible thing to live with for the rest of your life.

dana said...

How sad. You're so right--you just can't leave them alone.

I loved the family photos you shared, CeeKay--you and your mom look so sweet together. You have a great and close family.

Oh, oh, oh!! My hubby and I went to see Star Trek on Sat., too! It was fabulous! I even took photos in the theater to post about it! I'm so bad about posting, I'll probably not do it--but I might!

Hope you're doing well! L, Dana

Happy @ Home said...

So sad. I will keep them in my prayers.

Heather said...

what a horrible thing to have happen. i will say prayers for that child.

A Hint of Home said...

Prayers for the family! Keep us posted as you hear any news.
Loved your Mother's Day post and thanks for the honorable mention.(smile) We certainly have a history, don't we? Thanks for always listening and praying.

The Barkers said...

Mercy me...I can't imagine. My Ivy is 6 mos old now and she seems to have a little daring streak in her. She is now sitting up in her plastic bath tub and she will lean over and practically fall face first. She loves the water and doesn't care one bit if her face gets all wet. I can't imagine leaving her for even a second.
I hope this baby is ok. So sad.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Very sad, and I hope the child will be okay, as well as the parents. I also hope you are better, something like that, especially that close, is very unnerving.


Mama said...

oh Ceekay that poor child, you just have to watch children 24/7, they do not see danger. it must have been very worrying for you and hubby to have this happen so close, hope the little one is OK. Kathy.

Elizabeth said...

I cant believe that people would leave a child alone, especially in the bath tub. I hover over my 2 year old as much as possible. I wish I could clone myself so that I could watch his every move. It would have been horrible if these people would have lost their baby just for being careless. God Bless them and Im sure they have learned a lesson they will never forget.

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