Saturday, May 11, 2013

Greatest Job in the World

When I was a young bride, I watched the young mother's with their little ones and could not wait until I could also be a mom.  My husband and I believed that the Lord knew the timing, so it could be anytime.
But, the months came and went.  We did conceive, but our first daughter, did not live long after birth.  Years went by.  Friends had babies as easy as deciding they wanted a new pair of shoes.  When was this going to happen for us?

But, the Lord's timing was not ours....but He did have a plan.

In our 9th year of marriage, I was blessed to be a mom. 

I remember that first mother's day.  We went to church.  They always gave a plant to the oldest mom, mom with most children, youngest mom, newest mom.  I didn't fit any of those categories.  A friend had her son after mine.  So as the last category was read, newest mom....the whole church looked at me and started clapping.  My friend was allowing me to have the honor.

I still get emotional, as I am now.  That walk to the front of the church to receive that little arrangement felt like I was walking to my coronation.

The Lord blessed us again with our daughter.  Fast forward, and now I am also a grandma.

Life is Good!

Happy Mother's Day!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Mother's Day Ceekay!
This is the sweetest most beautiful post.
Hugs friend hope to see you in the near future.

Terra said...

That is a precious Mothers Day story, and how good to be celebrated by your church members and a kind friend.

Susan said...

Happy Mothers Day! Ceekay!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Ceekay, Yes, God is so good and has everything planned on his time not ours. Blessings to you as you enjoy your sweet family. Such a beautiful real story. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Cyn said...

beautiful story and testimony. Happy Mothers Day!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Hope you have a Super Special Mother's Day. We need to get with Laura, Jamie and Liz for lunch soon. Hugs, Marty

Adrienne said...

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend. What a blessing have. My story is a bit like yours but we didn't wait as long as you did. I think those of us who had to wait and watch others with their little ones have an appreciation we may have missed if we had taken it all for granted!

Betty Sneeringer said...

How blessed those children are to have been given to you. Happy Mothers Day!

Marilou Bain said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet story Ceekey, yes you are blessed. Hugs and Happy Mothers Day!
Marilou xoxo

Susie said...

Happy mother's day Ceekay. I can only hope our children realize how very much we love them. If they think of the love they have for their own children...then they surely know. xoxo,Susie

Carol said...

So sweet, Ceekay. Happy Mother's Day!


Happu Mom's Day!
How blessed we are as Moms!

Vee said...

Oh this is a wonderful post all the way around. What sweet answers to prayer and I love the "newest mom" story.

must love junk said...

So touching! Happy Mother's Day! :)

Laurie Ritchey said...

You are a wonderful witness to God's goodness. You have definitely been blessed with a beautiful family. Happy Mother's Day! laurie

Divine Theatre said...

What a beautiful story! I am crying like a baby!

Happy Mother's Day!



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