Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, don't get me started....

I just have this memory going around in my head. 

About 26 years ago, my girlfriend and I took our children to the mall to run around in the play area.  We had done it several times.  She took her son and daughter to the restroom, I stayed with my son.  He said he didn't have to go.  A minute or two later, I could not find my son.  Lest you think something horrible happened, he had run off with my friend and she thought I knew...I didn't.
I was in a PANIC.  I was screaming his name, begging everyone around me to help me find my son, crying hysterically.  It was a sight I am sure.
I didn't care what I looked like, didn't care about my jewelry, clothes, hair...didn't care about what I was supposed to do that evening, didn't care about what I would eat for lunch, didn't care if the world continued for another minute.  All I cared about, ALL I wanted was my son.  Those 5 or so minutes were horrible.  Excruciating...obviously, I still remember it vividly after all these years.

So, I won't ask the many questions that we all would like answers to.  I just wonder how a mother, loving her child, could go 30 days not in a total wreck of a Panic when she says she didn't know where her baby was.  I won't judge - at least not here....I just would like to know how someone can live that way.

In the meantime.....praising my Lord and Savior, who will make all things right in the end.

I feel a little better now.  Not much...but a little.


Shelia said...

Very well put, Ceekay. You're so very right! I'm just sick at this outcome and yes, God will judge one day.
Shelia ;)

Lori said...

Amen, she will have to live with her demons. I lost my littlest for about five minutes too, at our beach condo. She was hiding in the closet, but boy my mind went wild. You are so right!

sissie said...

Definitely something to think about Ceekay.


Mary said...

Agree with your thoughts, and agree that God will take care of all things. At least the precious child is in the arms of the Lord.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl God can not take care of this so called Mother too soon for me...I have been crying all day..No Justice for CAYLEE!! hugs and smiles Gloria

Susan said...

Ceekay! I am so sick over this jury giving a not guilty verdict. It just makes me sick!

Mevely317 said...

Thank you for posting this, CeeKay!!!
I, too, am stunned and incredibly saddened.
Like Mary said, God will take care of all things.

Barbara said...

CeeKay I think you just posted what many, many mothers are feeling today. How could she not care? Whether or not she did the deed, how could she not care for 30 days? I believe that the whole trial was publicized to the point that the true jist of it was lost. Caylee needs justice and whoever harmed that little girl will answer to God for what they did to her.

Hugs XX

Mimi said...

100% agree with you!!!
SOOO SAD, convicted of lying about the murder, but NOT convicted of THE Murder???
I lost my son one time at Mervyn's, I looked like a Crying screaming frantic MOM who knew her child was gone....31 days??????Nothing more needs to be said.
Thanks for posting!!

NanaDiana said...

A totally outrageous outcome for us on the "outside". However, we don't know what all they heard "inside" to come to that conclusion so quickly. IF she didn't do it~I think she knows who did..and the only justice, in the end, might be God's own. Wonderful post~ xo Diana

thestonerabbit said...

I know what you mean. I lost our son in a dept. store when he was about five and was just panic stricken. I had security searching and was calling out his name....and in a few minutes, over the intercom, I heard, "will the mother of a curly headed little red headed boy please come over to the Pac Man Game center"......when I finally got to him, he was totally absorbed in playing the display game and unaware over the commotion he had created! :) My heart was still in my throat.....and still beating wildly.

So, NO WAY, could a normal mom not act upset or report a child missing for a month. Of course, we all now know she isn't normal.....and we will probably never understand what makes her tick.

I also would never have been able to serve on that jury. . . those folks were under such strain . . . and saw and heard such awful information. I really have to think they did what they thought was the right thing to do, with the information they had. We weren't privy to what they were, so it's hard to judge their decision....even though it's not what we wanted the outcome to be.

Whatever the case, Casey has a pretty miserable life ahead of her...on Earth and in the Ever After. She may make some bucks off of this, but people really hate her and she's lost her support system. It's all so pitiful and so sad that a sweet baby died because of such a messed up situation. We have to believe she is in the arms of the Lord and receiving his love.

L, Dana

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