Monday, July 4, 2011

A 4th of July Evening

 Sparklers in a planter...
 My son and I playing with sparklers.  First time in 15 years since leaving WI...first time allowed in Arizona.

 What wonderful memories this brings me!  I thought of Picket tonight...she always talks about the tears of joy.  I shed some of those tonight.  Remembering sparklers with my cousins when we were all kids, jumping off my grandparents porch...or the time Ro and her family came to our home and my husband got out the big torch to light the sparklers...we laughed so hard...I am sure you have some of those precious memories too!
 We are singing and marching around the backyard....singing like this...Na na na na na na na words!  I may be closer to the end of my fifties than the end....but I am still a kid in my heart.
 Do you ever look at the moon and friend in South Carolina, Florida, Michigan...all seeing the same moon??  (and yes, my little ole point and shoot took this picture!)
 Our fireworks show was on TV....It was beautiful!

What a fantastic evening! 


NanaDiana said...

Ceekay- I have had that thought many times..that we are all connected by the moon at night.

Lovely fireworks and you look beautiful by the sparkler's light! Don't you love those evening shots? We did sparklers and a few fireworks on the beach. I have a picture of SweetCheeks for tomorrow's post and her shock when the first one went off.
Such fun. I have good 4th memories too when I was a child.

Where did you live in WI? I'm sorry but if you told me before-I don't remember! Hugs-Diana

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love that Ceekay!
I have to wonder why AZ. wouldn't let you have sparklers before? Too dry?
You look like a kid with those sparklers in your hand!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Ceekay,
Wow! I love your photo's they turned out so great and all with a point and shoot...I found my point and shoot that I thought I had lost LOL all I had to do was clean out my desk drawer....
Anyway that is the camera I used for my post this week, since my big camera is still out being repaired. I think the little point and shoot does a better job for me.
I sing the na-na-na-na-na song too..
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

A Hint of Home said...

So glad you had a great evening. We went to fireworks downtown. What a display they had! Ivy would'nt and did'nt open her eyes the whole time. lol
Fun day!

Sarah said...

Sparklers are one of my favorite childhood memories. These photos are delightful.

Anonymous said...

How I loved reading this post, Ceekay!! I love sparklers, too, and it hasn't been but about two years that our town has allowed the sale and use of fireworks in the city limits. Of course, folks were blowing them off prior to it being legal.....the problem was they had to drive a ways to buy them. Now our town/organizations get a slice of the pie.......and the problems that come with with that.

I loved your picture frames post, too! You are so great about displaying photos!! I am the worst! I hope your example has shamed me enough that I get with it and frame some of my MILLIONS of photos!

Hope you are having a great week! L, Dana

PS What a great post about C. Anthony. It's more than my mind can grasp.

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