Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More of my Kitchen and Fall!

I know a few months ago, there was a meme to show your kitchen. I did not join in. You see, I have kitchen envy. Let me explain..

I love all the big gorgeous kitchens...and when we were looking for our current home, that was not high on my list. You see, cooking, although I can do quite well, is not one of my favorite things. I would much prefer to go out to eat!

Now, that being said, I love my kitchen. It is beautiful to me....but here is where the envy comes in. I see all your beautiful vignettes...all the cute collections and displays. Well, my hubs lives here. He makes sure he tell me that occasionally. And although he is very generous and pretty much lets me do what I want, there are just some things that cannot be in his home. The counter his man opinion are there for his convenience. The bread, must be by the toaster which stays out all the time. The salt and pepper, the stove....the coffee maker (which we both love our Keurig) is in one corner and the other side of the counter???? aren't you anxious to hear what glorious thing abides there!!! His ever growing collection of vitamins. Now, so you don't think I haven't tried, I have bought baskets to hold the bread...which that works....but the vitamins...NOPE. He wants them in their bottles lined up in the order he wants them. I SURRENDER!!!

All that being said, I thought I would show my kitchen. Minus the vitamin corner!

See, I snuck in a little wedding silver tray and my cute apple cutting board!
We LOVE our granite!

This spot stays clear when I am not cooking...otherwise, it is full!!! To the right of this pic is the vitamins....

I thought since I was being real, I would show my fridge....yep, I KNOW....not decorator magazine worthy...but I have taken all the magnets down....and gradually, they all come back. So, again, why fight it....????

My dream for this kitchen 2o11 is for a new goose neck faucet. The faucet I hace in a Moen and works great...but I just don't like it. You know how that goes!!

This is my Walmart tray. I went to HL yesterday and they had all their Harvest 66% off. I did quite good and didn't buy more stuff, but the box of fallish potpourri was 1.29....I had been looking for some to fill the tray.

I really am happy with it. Where the tray is sittting, I always have some kind of vignette technically, it is in the kitchen!! Hope that counts!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your kitchen looks cozy and welcoming. I love it. Some of the "magazine" quality kitchens look too perfect, don't you think?

Shelia said...

HI Ceekay! Oh, I love your kitchen! Hubbies! What are we going to do with them! Since we got the new countertops and a new sink, Mr. Precious has a fit when I just sit a dirty dish in the sink! He wants it rinsed out immediately and poked into the dishwasher! :)
Your granite is beautiful. This is my first time to have it and I'm loving it. It's really very easy to take care of. I love your little silver tray and the tray with your Fallen goodies is wonderful. I have the same problems with fridgie magnets. I used to collect them and picked one up everywhere we would go. I took them all off the fridge and now there's more creeping back on! :)
You should be proud of your kitchen - it's wonderful!!
Be a sweetie,

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your kitchen. It's very homey and you have everything right where you need it...which is a sign of a GOOD cook, which I'm sure you are! I also love the arrangement of vintage pieces you have on the cabinet tops that you showed us the other day. I just have over sized bowls and platters above mine.

I know what you mean about hubby. Mine claims he doesn't like the clutter, yet he never puts anything away!

Like your pretty tray and fall pumpkins and gourds! I'll never tire of decorating for fall!!


NanaNor's said...

Hi Ceekay, I swear that are hubby's must be Actually when you said you had kitchen envy I thought why? Yours is so beautiful but I understand totally. I have a big kitchen but hubby isn't too keen on lots of stuff on the counters. In fact, he calls my decorations on top the cabinets my garage sale finds.
I love the size of my kitchen but we have an old stove and the counters need to be granite or quartz someday-probably never...a girl can dream can't she?
Thank you for being transparent and showing us your kitchen-again it is beautiful.
Hugs today.


Hi Ceekay,
I think your kitchen is lovely. I know what you mean about it being a working kitchen and things are out.. My toaster sits out bread, bowls, cans etc. I tend to put things away if we are going to have company. Other wise it is all about the food.Ha! I hope you are well , blessings!

seanymph said...

I love your kitchen. IT actually looks a lot like mine in style and size. I look at some of those magazine quality kitchens and wonder..does anyone live there? Does anyone use this kitchen? Im always cooking so it rarely ever look magazine ready!

Roberta said...

too funny Ceekay...cause don't we all have our quirks ;) I use to have our vitamins in the kitchen when it was bigger but just no room here at the Love Shack. But I do have them in apothecary jars that I label with the descriptions and directions...i.e., Green Tea, Twice Daily w/Meals, etc. Then I put all the bottles in "knife boxes" so that I can lift the whole thing when I clean. I posted about it here...hope this helps. Fondly, Roberta
p.s. I gave up my kitchen envy cause when I had the huge one...I didn't cook anymore cause it tired me out just walking around

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

CK, you know that I love your kitchen. It is so pretty and your decor is just wonderful. Love your granite too. Gorgeous. The tray looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

Susan said...

Ceekay!! I love your kitchen!! I have refrigerator magnets too! Or at least I did. I threw most of them out with the move,except the ones my grandchildren gave me!!

Karen said...

Love it love it - but you already knew that. LOL!
Poor dh - you are messing with his space!
But I still think it all looks wonderful. This is your home after all - not a showcase house. You have to be comfortable!
Tell you what - you take Justin for a year and see how bad your dh really is. I'll trade ya!!!!!
Hugs! Me.

sissie said...

Hi Ceekay!
Your kitchen is bright and cheery and warm. I love all of your overhead displays of beautiful and lovely things.
The tray adds a nice lovely touch to your granite counter tops.

Very pretty.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ceekay, I love your kitchen! It is so pretty, and that granite is the neatest color! What color is that? I'm looking for some in a grey tone, and that is very close to what I want. Love it! I also think it looks neat as a pin, and I like your cute tray with the fall arrangement on it.


Sheila :-)

Amy Kinser said...

Your kitchen is very pretty. Love all of the neat touches everywhere.

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Ceekay,
Your kitchen is warm and cozy and just right for your family. The granite is really nice!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You have a gorgeous kitchen Ceekay!
I love how cozy and warm it is and all your beautiful decor!
And the tray vignette is just wonderful!

Rettabug said...

Oh Ceekay...I love the look of your kitchen!! Its warm & cozy & most importantly....USED. It reminds me of mine! You notice, I didn't join in that meme either. LOL I have grandkids crayon pictures all over my fridge & DH's messes all over, too.

I would have had to move everything to another room to be able to take photos that I wanted published. ;-)

The vignette on the tray is just wonderful. I love how you draped the cloth & have different heights going on. I'm not good at that sort of thing. I only copy from the best & I think I'm going to try to copy yours.

BTW, we use those BIG weekly pill containers with morning & night time spots to parcel out an entire 7 days worth of our meds/vitamins/etc. I think DH takes 8 different ones now since his ♥ attack. Not enough room for all those bottles! Its his job to fill the little spots once each week. Just a thought for your DH's collection.

Cyn said...

LOVE your kitchen!! I am the same way..I see eveyones else houses ad think why cant that be mine. We RENT so its even harder to do things..but then that is an excuse too I suppose! Our kitchen has old tile counter tops..wtg with the granite.

The kitchen is hubbys domain!!! I HATE cooking. Baking is ok..sometimes. So he likes what little counter space we have to be clear. So..I behave LOL

Sandra said...

Love the tray full of fall goodness! I am trying to be good and not buy up lots of bargain stuff too. I have the same problem with my frig and magnets! I have been able put a lot of papers, recipe cards, wedding announcements, etc on a magnetic board I put inside my pantry door...this has helped me keep the frig front clear.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Ceekay...

Just read your sweet note and wanted to come over to say thank you, my friend!

Ohhh, you have a beautiful kitchen and I love your granite countertops as well! Hmmm...someday when I grow up...I hope to have granite as well! Hehe! Love your beautiful autumn tray!!! Ceekay, I also visited your last post about how you have decorated the tops of your cabinets! Girlfriend, I had sooo much fun looking through all of your pretty things! I love all the crock things...especially all the different bowls! You have a beautiful collection!!! You just did a magnificent job designing and decorating your cabinet's almost as though they tell a story!!! I sure did enjoy!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us, Darlin'! This was such a treat!!!

Warmest autumn wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Adrienne said...

I love your kitchen! You have nothing to hide. We bought a sixties-vintage ranch-style home and have done much to redo the kitchen. It's not finished yet so I don't share it on my blog. Thinking maybe I should share bits and pieces of it. I looked at the WalMart trays and didn't get one. Now I'm thinking I made the wrong decision! You have done a nice job combining your taste and your hubby's desire for the kitchen.

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