Thursday, October 30, 2008

Show and Tell from my Aunt's house

For Show and Tell at Kelli's I would like to show some of the items from my Aunt's home. The main reason I went to Michigan was to spend some time with my Aunt Barbara. She is 81 and just lost my precious Uncle, her husband of 62 years ago last January. There are a few items that are very special to me and I thought I would share them today.... This lamp was my mother's many years ago.

She gave it to my Aunt for the cottage. My aunt had the fabric shade made for it.

This picture hung in my Grandparents home for years. It lights up. Many evenings I came down to their home (my husband and I lived in an upstairs apartment) and would see this light on and my grandparents hand in hand in prayer....they would have been in their 80s.

I made this fork and spoon for my mother when I was first married. I did ceramics.

This lamp has been in my Aunt's home for years. Always the base lit up for a nightlight.

This coffee pot is the only wedding gift my aunt has left. I believe it must be a drip style pot.

These are ration stamps during WWII that my uncle had saved.

This is the booklet he received when he reported for the draft.

This is my aunt's china. I have mentioned before that it is because of her beautiful tablescapes that I love it so. These dishes will someday grace my table.
These are the only 2 pieces left of a gift my uncle gave my aunt before they were married. It was a complete dresser set. I just love these.

During my visit I was able to go through many family pictures, old notes and letters, and my uncle's tools. I will show soon the precious tool I was able to bring home as a remembrance piece of his.

It was difficult to leave my aunt. She is not as strong as I remember her and she is showing the strain of life without her soul mate. But she is a Godly woman and so important in the woman I am today. Although none of these pieces are of much monetary value, they are priceless to me.


Happy@Home said...

What wonderful things you have shown in this post. I especially like your aunt's coffee pot and the ration stamps. It seems like often the things that are the most precious to us aren't the big expensive items. I have recently been sorting through a lot of my mom's things so I can really relate to this. It was so nice of you to visit with and help your aunt at this time in her life.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Yes, they are priceless! What treasures! To have family heirlooms like these is a real blessing.


Kathy said...

I loved seeing all your things again, C, but I LOVE the dresser set and the romance attached to it. Glad you had a good first day back home...Kathy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the things at your aunt's house that were special to you.

Lisa Cobler said...

That is an amzing collection of treasured items. I love the lamp!


Beautiful things, so many wonderful
memories come with these family things. You are fortunate to spend time with your aunt and share family memories together with her!

Grammy said...

What a wonderful collection. I have never seen ration stamps. Only herd about them.
Have a great week end.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. What lovely things you posted. Often we think that these are just things, but they have so many memories that go with them.

Hootin' Anni said...

I especially love the spoon and fork set! Whoa...what a fabulous job of work.

My Show n Tell is shared. Come by if you can. And I added a comment link right below the end of my show n tell today, since it's such a huge blog for Halloween. Gifts galore for all! If you stop by!!!

Gone said...

Oh, such beautiful things!! I used to have that same coffeepot...sold it before one of my many moves.


ps...thanks for the visit and comments about my fan

Pamela said...

What a lovely Show & Tell - thank you for sharing the stories of such priceless family momentos. No amount of money can buy the precious family memories that you hold so dear.

Constance said...

You're a gal after my own heart! I too have a special place for things like these, old photos, older, kind and gentle folk! I loved your memory of seeing them hand in hand in prayer.

nikkicrumpet said...

How nice that you can have such precious things as mementos to your much loved Aunt and Uncle...It's those things that keep us feeling close to the loved ones we miss. Have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Carla said...

How lovely! Thank you for sharing these treasures, and it sounds like your aunt is a treasure also! God bless her in her remaining time, until, she too can go home. What a sweet trip!

Needled Mom said...

What lovely memories you have shared with us. I love the dresser set. Things used to be so elegant, didn't they?

Lois Christensen said...

Your aunt's treasures are beautiful. I think the ration stamps are priceless! What a wonderful time you must have visiting!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Ceekay, What wonderful treasures! I love the ration stamps. I have heard of them, but never actually seen any! That was neat! And I love the lamps..."one" of my weaknesses! :)

Hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween! ~Rhonda

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What special treasures she has. And I am glad you will get the dishes someday.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love these shots of heirloom items. I also wanted to return sometime so I've bookmarked your site.
I looked at the tablescape below and it reminds me of Top of the River, a catfish restaurant in Guntersville and in Gadsden, Alabama. They serve wonderful cornbread in an iron skillet, slaw in a mason jar and you eat your dinner on tin pie plates.
Mama Bear

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What special treasures. I found myself really drawn to the hurrican lamp, the ration stamps and the china. Such great pieces!
I hope you enjoyed your visit with your Aunt. Have a great day and thank you for sharing a little bit of your Aunt and memories with me/us..

Bo said...

I love seeing things from the past...and I really love that china! Happy Halloween.. ;-) Bo

Michelle said...

Hi Ceekay,

Your aunt's items are great! I especially love the first lamp! How precious!


LBP said...

How wonderul that you got to spend some time with your dear Aunt. I remember my aunt used to have a lamp that lit up on the bottom like your aunt's does.



Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Thanks for stopping by today!! I loved your pieces from today. I always love it when something is just so special and important to you because it brings memories flooding back into your heart!! These are the things we will never forget. Sandy

Mindy said...

This was such a heart-warming post. I love seeing everyone's special heirloom treasures. Things from former times are precious for the memories they hold.

Carrie said...

Wow, what a wonderful collection of heirlooms you have!

Elizabeth said...

I really loved looking at your Aunt's things. Especially interesting to me were the WWII ration cards. I grew up hearing about those but had never seen any up close. Thank you so much! Awesome! I actually believe that those and the draft booklet are worth a fair amount on the Internet. You'd want to keep them, though. Cool!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my first show and tell; I was delighted to find a comment!
Sweet Violets
Hard to type with a purring kitten on my lap, nibbling my fingers as they type!

Alice said...

What wonderful memories you have stored up! Thanks for sharing them with us. I enjoyed the ration stamps and the Army book. Cool! And the pieces from the dresser set - now those are neat! Thanks again for posting them :). Please feel free to visit my blog when you have a chance.

{oc cottage} said...

That picture is so cool! It so reminds me of something my great grandparents had!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

I really thought your post was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Debbi

Kelli said...

It is so wonderful to have special family treasures. The dresser set is lovely!

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