Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It is Official - My Husband and I are NUTZ!

Technically, I am not back from my blog break.  I really won't be officially back until July.  Health wise I am doing well.

So, we went back up to Payson to work on our Park Model.  We planned to sell Sunny unfortunately,  we can't have both.  We put it up for sale and the next day she sold.

But before that, we had to unload her.  We got up to do that last Saturday and my hubby is not feeling well.  He went back to bed for a  couple of hours and tried again.  Then he says to me....I need to go to the hospital!  The HOSPITAL????  in almost 41 years of marriage he has NEVER gone to the ER.  So to the hospital we go.  I am sitting there thinking....oh my  goodness, we just bought a cabin, he is in ER, I have to get Sunny emptied, I am alone, I don't even really  know how to get back to the cabin.

Well,  PTL, it was ONLY vertigo.  But he was out for the count.  So as he slept the rest of the day, I hobbled back and forth from Sunny to the cabin carrying what I could.  Sit down.....get up and put it away....sit down.   Go get another load.  My neighbor, who I do not know, finally comes over and says, you know, you look like you are ready to fall down....maybe you better quit.  Sure, I was done by that time!

Hubby got better slowly and he took a couple of extra days so we could get "the cabin" usable.  Now, you know we didn't buy anything all ready.  No, as my husband loves to say....dirty walls are cheaper than clean walls.

So it, cupboards, closets, new faucets, fix skirting....etc, etc.  Finally, let me introduce you to our home away from home.


This is now.  We still have lots to do, but it is so stickin' cute.  I am in LOVE.


Tiny bathroom.  I haven't really done much in there yet.

Now the main room....isn't that clock cute?

My husband fell in LOVE with the Lazy Boy recliner at a garage sale....Leather, perfect...$100.00.  It is his place too!!

Hey Katherine....Lookie at my cute birdies!!
But don't you love the wall board.?????

 Doesn't the skirting look better??

We had to come back so hubby can work...and I got chemo, otherwise I would be doing this....

Oh, I  have to show some shots around the "hood"!

Hitch up those doggies partner!!

This is looking through a knot hole in a fence.....

So talk to you later.....

Joyfully,  Ceekay


Ann said...

It's adorable! May you have many happy days there relaxing and enjoying the cool.

Susie said...

Take care of each other Ceekay. I would help you if I were closer. Get your rest honey.xoxo,Susie

Vee said... are nuts! But in a happy way. This looks like a lot of fun to me. Is it cooler there than your home that isn't away from home? Make sense of that if you can! Glad that your husband is feeling better.

Unknown said...

Oh poor you. What a shock hubby going to hospital. My husband never goes to
the doctor or anything so it would be
like your hubby. Glad you have it all sorted now. Love your new place. Just try to relax and enjoy it now.

Debby said...

So cute. I am excited for you. You will love going there. I vet vertigo once in awhile and you can't do anything. Hope chemo goes okay. Xx

Stacey said...

Bless your heart! If I lived there I would have helped you. I'm glad your husband is getting better. Your little place is adorable!

Terra said...

Ceekay your new place is charming to the max; I would like to have a place like that to go to for short getaways. I see the doggie hitching post but where is the horse hitching post (just joking).

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

What a cute little getaway for the two of you....have fun! Hugs, Penny

Kathy said...

Totally adorbs. Looks like you! I think I've seen every home you've lived in. Maybe one of these days I'll see this darling little home away from home too!

Bill and Mary Glidden said...

Payson is such a great place!!! What a cute little cabin you have- know you will have so much fun relaxing in the cooler weather up there!

Been ages since I have been over- I cant even figure out how to change my identity to the Mary's Meanderings blog now so it is showing our ministry account!

Getting ready to cook for rodeo Bible Camp this weekend- lots of hard work but fun-

Take care of yourself friend! Glad hubby is ok


Marissa said...

Sweet and adorable!
This is awesome
time to relax and enjoy yourself!!!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Sending prayers to you and your husband. Your little place is adorable! I hope you are both feeling better and soon will have many years to look forward to sharing it and making wonderful memories!

Chatty Crone said...

That is beautiful! Home is where the HEART is. ♥

Shelia said...

Hi Ceekay! I love it and it's so cute! I'm glad your hubby is better. My mother used to have vertigo and she said it was awful! You're going to have lots of fun.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love your 'GET AWAY' CABIN!
...i want one (squeal!) !!!
We have our little camper--but we've not had any time or big $$$ to put into it.
I have purchased a few necessary items, being a port-o-potty! :)
This little cabin is adorable. What a great way to get away and relax.
have fun with it, and enjoy!

Adrienne said...

You have a darling place! I'm glad you had the experience of Sunny but this will be a great get-away spot for the two of you. Can't wait to see more.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

The birdies are perfect there! You are going to enjoy your new place so much, it will be very relaxing once you get it where you want it. Looks good to me!

Take care, don't push yourself too much.


Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Oh your new place is just perfect! I'm glad your hubby is better, it's scary when the guys say they need to go to the ER cause they NEVER go to the doctor! Wish I was closer to help, take care and go slow.

NanaDiana said...

It is looking so good, Ceekay. You really got a lot done and it is so livable. You will really enjoy it this summer...away from the heat and all. God bless you and I hope your hubby stays well. xo Diana

Consider It All Joy said...

I sure hope you are Both feeling better. I love Payson, have thought about buying a small place up there myself! Looks like you found a perfect little keeper! Sending prayers to you both! Blessings, Cindy

Maria Elena said...

Love the place! You guys are going to have so much fun! Perfect spot to spend the Summer months.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh how fun, CK! I love it! I'm loving your husband's saying about dirty walls. Congratulations on such a quick sale of Sunny, and I'm so glad you're feeling well. laurie

Oh how fun, CK! I love it, and I love your husband's saying about "dirty walls". Gave me a chuckle. Congratulations on the quick sale of Sunny, and I'm so glad you are feeling well. Have a great blog break. Can't wait to see the new place all fixed up. laurie

An Oasis in the Desert said...

That is just adorable, Ceekay! We've never thought about buying a park model as a summer get-away, but now you have me thinking. I am definitely not looking forward to our hot summer, so a respite in the mountains could be the answer.

Good luck with your chemo, and I wish you good health.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

It really is so darn cute. Looks like a lot of work, but it will be well worth the effort. Enjoy! I've had problems with vertigo in the past, and remember my first trip to the doctor with it, very scary. Hope he's doing better now.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Very cute, indeed! Love the shots around the pretty "hood" too! Sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers to you and your hubby. :)

Unknown said...

Oh! I Love it! What a great get away!
Are you going to leave all the vintage goodness? :)

Hope you are doing well!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are going to have so much fun with this place, Ceekay...I love your kind of NUTZ! I'm really glad that your hubby is better and it isn't serious...xo

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. on my book, I'm sure that this will be a lovely home spending some leisure time in.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

It's cute, and it will be so much cooler! Today, it was 111.

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