Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I took my grands to see Despicable Me 2.  What a cute, cute move and my grandchildren were so funny.  My granddaughter tried to ask me when was DM 3 coming out...but I couldn't quite understand and I was asking her all these "did you mean ????"  She was laughing so hard at me.
Then my grandson...he would lean over and tell me what was about to happen.  I said, you haven't seen this movie....he says...(he will be 11!)  I saw the TRailers grandma!  Obviously, I am not UP with things.

All three of us was ooohing and aaaahing over the preview of the Planes movie.  We HAVE to see that one.

Then my granddaughter.....who likes to spend grandma's money by the way!!...says, look, they have a picture machine!!

Now, if it were not for my cuties....I wouldn't share, but here is a look at how short and curly my hair is coming in. 

What a Fun day.....but today.....I am resting!!!


thestonerabbit said...

Adorable pix, Ceekay, and I LOVE your short and curly hair!!

My husband and I took two of the older grands to see Monster University recently. It's so much fun to watch them "watch" a movie at the theater!! And, yes, so many great previews of other movies about to be released!! I've always loved kids shows...heck, they're just as much for us old folks as they are for the youngins!!

L, Dana

Adrienne said...

Your hair is darling! Loved seeing you and your grands - and hearing about your fun day away with them.

Theresa Winter said...

Those pictures are priceless....Your hair looks cute like that!

Blessings, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

bj said...

Grands are so much fun...and so are curly haired grandmas.....:))))

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh it looks like so much fun, loe the pics of you and the grands. I love your short hair too. Hugs, Marty

Love Bears All Things said...

Your hair is lovely...
Great age your grands two here in Hsv are now 12 and 15 and do not like to go anywhere together but I remember the days when I could take them both anywhere.....Enjoy while you can.
By the way, I got interested in campers and found lots of vintage ones online like yours that had been redone.
Mama Bear

ImagiMeri said...

Well if the grandkids can't get you better.......nuthin' will! How fun and the piccy's are adorable. Always thinkin' of you pretty lady.


Sweet Meanderings said...

I love the pictures! Your blog makes me miss my grandkids even more though. Don't you wish you could have the grandkids first!

Mary Clark said...

What fun! As long as your granddaughter spends your money on pix as cute as those, she's doing fine ;)


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

How fun is that?!
I love going to the movies with my grandkids. I haven't seen Despicable Me 1 or 2 glad you didn't spoil it for me. ;)
Love your is certainly curly...but I love the color.

Salmagundi said...

I LOVE your hair!! My G-kids want to see that movie, too; but our movie theater has closed, so we have to travel 45 miles to see it now - haven't gotten there yet! BTW, I thought about what you said about my scale, but there are no markings for grams -- only ounces. Take care. Sally

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great way for the little one to spend your money!!! Those pictures are adorable, it sounds like the movie was too, so glad you had a great time!


Debby said...

We took our granddaughters to see the same movie. I love seeing and hearing them laugh out loud. I want to see the planes movie too. It reminds me of the Budgie books that Prince Edward's x wife Fergie wrote ages ago.
I had a friend that lost her hair from chemo. It was gray when she lost it and it grew back dark and curly. I love your hair. It looks great. I hope you are feeling better. Saying prayers for you. Love what you did to your trailer. I want one so bad.
Keep on smiling and having fun. Grandchildren are such great therapy. All little ones are for that matter. (((((HUGS))))

NanaDiana said...

I missed this post somehow. Looks like you had fun with the grands. Our kids love movies, too, but that is Papa's adventure with them -I rarely, if ever, go. Like your short CURLY hair! It's pretty darned cute if you ask me- xo Diana

Jann Olson said...

Oh Ceekay, love those photo booth pics. That use to be about the only photos we got as teenagers. So fun to spend the day with your grands. Haven't seen the movie yet, but I thought it looked cute. I think your hair looks really cute short and curly. Rest up my friend!


Photo booths are great fun and great photos! Love your hair!

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Your grands are adorable. I'm really liking your cute curly hair! Was it curly before?

nannykim said...

There is nothing as fun as a photo op with the grands. AND your hair looks great!

Liz Hockamier said...

LOL! My hubs and I went to see it... no kids. We just needed to laugh! He laughed sooooo much. It was wonderful to hear him actually belly laugh. :)
I loved the movie. Those pictures are so sweet. I can't wait to have some on my fridge! :)

Glade your feeling better!

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