Thursday, April 12, 2012

Merry Happy 4th of Easter!

That is about how I feel.  I remember watching the Twilight Zone and there would be an alternate life....I think I must be in it!!

I am sure most of you have done this at least once in your really are not living in the house you are living in....and not yet living in the new one!  Talk about split personality!

We didn't even have Easter dinner this year.  No table and chairs at this house, and no appliances at the new one!  That is going to be fixed this coming Monday.  My stove and dishwasher will be delivered.  I have to wait on the fridge.  I will be using the one from our garage for a bit.  We have decided we want a counter depth one, it will fit so much better, but, well, we need to eat hot dogs a bit longer!

Thank you to all of you who are reading Doublewide Decor.  My husband can't believe it!

I wanted to show April's page from my calendar that BJ sent me....and show my rose picture that I played with in a photo program.  Love to  tell you which one, but I don't remember.  I am trying different ones since the demise of Piknik.

I have to share, but I have no pictures rose bushes are FULL of blooms.  I never had roses before, so I am quite pleased with myself, but I am sure the glory really belongs to make them bloom so beautifully, without my help!!  I have been cutting blooms and bringing them fun!
And yesterday, I was relaxing on the patio and the birds were just singing me a sonnet.  I was throughly enjoying myself!!

Well, I will talk to you all again soon.  I did post something on Doublewide Decor and My Journey with Teal!  Now, I think I will take a HOT bath!!


Vee said...

Good idea that and take a nap too. =D

Wandering out wondering about counter depth refrigerators...

Susan said...

Ceekay, I have been where you are! We lived in a Condo for about 6 months. Someone else had decorated it in Asian decor. I hate ASian decor. I was miserable.......LOL

NanaDiana said...

A hot bath sounds good to me! Love that calendar and I am so happy that you have REAL roses, too. xo Diana

Ms. Redo said...

I'm loving Pic Monkey, have you tried it? If so, what do you think? For me, ease of use is prime, and it meets my criteria :)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I can't imagine moving again though I know we will someday. I need a hot bath tonight too. I good hot soak. I must check out your new blog.

Mary Ellen said...

Ceekay the first year of us moving to Colorado was the same way. We still had the house in New Mexico and the business we were trying to sell and making trips back and forth every other month. Then in the house in Colorado we were doing the electric and moving from room to room sleeping depending on where the work or who was staying with us. I would litereally wake up and not know which bed I was in!

I am really like Pic Monkey for my picture play time- which has been very little as Jonathan is back and the construction is going full blast again! I have used a pressure washer, a router, skill saw and several other tools in the past few days- feel like I could be one of those DIY bloggers with all the things I am learning (and loving it!- Pressure washing is awesome!!)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Can't wait to see your new place. I know it is going to be fabulous. All the things I see are super. Hugs, Marty

Cherrie said...

I would love to grow roses but every time I try they die. Next time I try I will ask for God's help!
Lovely post...Thank you

Karen said...

Another blog? Okay, I need to pop over to see...
Easter (and the past few weeks) was a blur. Too many things going on, and this weekend is another busy one. Thank you for thinking of me. :-) Time just gets away from me!

I didn't like living at the Residence Inn when we first moved here. Well, it was okay for "a week"... kinda like vacation but then it got really old.

And then there was the rental house when we were "between home purchases." I really liked the location but not the house... glad it was a rental.

Looking forward to seeing your roses. They are on the planting list when we figure out what to do with our backyard. I want the pretty stuff, like a pergola and herb garden etc.... hubby is more concerned with the roof and the grubs and irrigation. arrrrgh!

Hugs, Karen

bj said...

Yep...been there....done that.

I can't wait to get over to your other blog and see what's going on...:))

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