Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am NOT a Hoarder, no really I am NOT~

Lord, help me.  This is all my brain says over and over.  Pleading....for the boxes to disappear.

Yesterday, I lost it....Sunday I had a crying melt down...but yesterday, I laughed and laughed and you know what happens when us Mature women laugh too hard!  So I worked and I worked and I got the great room all put together as much as I could.  I told my husband tomorrow (now today) I will get the bedroom together.

The birds woke me at 5:30 this morning...and I saw the bathroom box still sitting there.  I came out and said to hubby...you forgot that box....he said, without flinching, without looking up from his phone..."open the garage door....no really, go open it...."

Well Beverly Hillbillies here we go!  I couldn't put another quarter in there.  Now where this stuff came from or is going????  I mean, there are no rivers here to drive up to and "make it all better"!

So, up your prayers.....cuz, I have already cried, already hysterically laughed...what is next?

A Padded Room????

Oh NO YOU DON'T"  Don't you dare try to bring room padding into this MH....I don't have ROOM!!!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

I know how you feel..It seems like you will never get everything unpacked..We are still getting rid of things that just won't work in our home, we have been living in now for 2 years. Gary still has many boxes stacked along the garage wall just waiting for him to go through, now mind you these boxes are full of "records" that he has collected and saved since he was a teen. I really wonder if we ever get rid of all the boxes..LOL
You will be settled soon, just take it day by day, you have already done so much.
Chin up! big hugs, Elizabeth

Shelia said...

Poor poor one! Get on a pair of those Depends and go to town! Still praying for you. You're gonna have some wonderful stories after you get all settled in!;)
Take care, sweet friend,
Shelia ;)

Connie said...

You should write a book. Too funny. Sorry, I ' m not sounding very sympathetic, am I? Sounds like maybe another garage sale might be in order? Love ya

Rebecca said...

Sweets...I hear you! I'm involved in a pretty big project that causing me to move lots of things around. I had a meltdown yesterday myself. I feel overwhelmed and unfocused.

I'm blaming it on MEN-ON-PAUSE!

I say junk anything that doesn't include a photograph once your home is how you want it. I told my girl yesterday her keepsakes need to find a new home...HERS!


Sandy said...

OMGosh..you made me laugh!
I can so appreciate where you are at..been there done that TOOOO many times to think about. The moves, the boxes, the MELT DOWNS, the laughing, the other "womanly" happenings... the highs, the lows... the, I want to hurt someone...the, leave me alones...the, whys??? I could go on forever, but I know you get my drift.
I think we all get in "that boat" at sometime or other. Hang in there, it can ONLY get better. And know you have company..you're NOT ALONE.
Let's see that pretty smile!!! Thinking of YOU!
Have a GOOD one today!!!


Debbie Booth said...

HI Sweet Ceekay...I am praying for you. I want you to put some happy music, preferably your favorite or praise and worship music that is fast...
then start with one thing at a time....work quickly...don't think about the mountain or the storm...just climb, row and keep going...
drink caffeine...keep rowing...be easy on yourself...I read once God's principle for organizing...He separated light from dark, land from the ocean and put things in their place.
You will get this done...but you might have to do some separating...important from not so important.
But be gentle with yourself...no more arguing and being ugly to yourself!
Give yourself a big hug from me...and I really am praying for you.

Olive Cooper said...

Divide, conquer, and donate maybe. Because I constantly buy and resell and mind you I want to keep it all I have to stay on top of my own hoarding issues.

sheila said...

aww...I am going to say a prayer for you girlfriend. I am having a bad day myself for a completely different reason so I would appreciate a little lifter up prayer as well. I can't wait to see your place. Love you.:)

sheila said...
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NanaDiana said...

Oh- You poor dear! I know how hard it is to LET GO...and I can't imagine the amount of decision making you are going to have to go through in the nest few weeks. I suppose there is no basement storage there either?

Prayers going up for you Ceekay- Stay strong- xo Diana

Sue said...

Tell the hubs you're gonna hire 2 men and a truck to take it all away if he doesn't get going! LOL -Besides the boxes, maybe they can haul away all the stuff you should have gotten rid of before you moved!!! Good luck, girl......
:-) Sue

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...you make me laugh, Ceekay! I pray things get better and fast!! :)


Anonymous said...

Haha, you're so funny, well, except when you're crying, God love you here's a big ole hug from your friend in Virginia.

Susan said...

Ceekay, I remember when my daughter and I had to leave our home and move into Campus housing. I came for a three story home into a two room housing unit on college campus. This was in 1996.
We were carrying things up the stairs and I kept dropping things that really didn't matter. And I cried. But the last thing I dropped and broke was my daughters favorite porcelain doll. I started to tear up and she burst out laughing. We both sat on the steps of that housing unit and laughed and laughed. We still talk about that to this day.
I am praying girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Oh friend hang on- it will soon enough be over and you will be enjoying that home and neighborhood - oh and that swimming pool!!

Boy sounds like this has been a week for several of us! Sometimes I just have to tell myself- Next week I will see this all differently-

bee blessed

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have been there, It is sooo overwhelming!! So many boxes like you will never ever get it all sorted and un packed. I like everything in it's place and it drives me crazzzy.....Just remember, this too shall pass


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH moving is a BIG job, Ceekay...I feel for you! But I know you will get it all together! Thanks for stopping by my Bachman's House post!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Cee Kay,
O dear! I feel for you!
For years I have walked around our home wondering how on God's good earth will I ever be able to pack up everything in this house to move when the time comes...
Maybe I should start now even though I have about 10-12 years yet, Huh??
You are in my thoughts and prayers that you make it through this and come out on the other side of the rainbow!!

Many Hugs,

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Oh my...if we ever move, I will be in so much trouble! We seriously need a dumpster backed into our driveway. I just need to purge! Good luck!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Aw, bless you! You are funny and though I know you must have really cried and felt overwhelmed at least you've gotten past that and can look at it and smile! Having a sense of humor is one of the best things God did for us, in my opinion!
I unpacked a box last week that has been packed for over 5 years. We moved it from Tulsa to Colorado and back and are now living in the third house we've been in since coming back. It can be so overwhelming though...just try to take a box at a time.

Wish I could be there and help!


bj said...

hahhaaa...oh, Ceekay, you are sooo cute...and such a delight.
Bless your little heart...you are getting there, girl. Just hang it there and one morning the birds will awaken you at 5:30 and you will see that ALL IS DONE.
xoxo bj

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