Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can you LOVE Spring??

As our beloved Shelia asks!  And believe me, I don't think I have ever loved Spring as much as I do this year.  Even in Hot Dry Arizona, we had a horribly COLD winter and I am glad to see it go.  Now granted soon, and very soon, ( I am going to see the King!! - oh sorry, I will often burst into song when the words remind me!!)  I will be complaining that it is TOO hot!  But I am enjoying the beautiful days, trying to get outside every one of them!
I had to go get some more tulips.  I JUST LOVE them!

I was cleaning my jewelry chest the other day and came across these earring.  These were my earrings in High School BEFORE I had pierced ears.  I am sure many of you will remember this style...they were supposed to look close to a pierced earring.

I tried so hard to get a closer shot of the heart, but even with was fuzzy....but they are tiny!

Since I have my birds out, I added this sweet one to the mix.  It is so is tiny too!!

I laughed (not in as funny, but as OF COURSE!)  this morning.  I got up, got ready, got in the car that I hardly ever have and was so excited to be out early for the Garage Sales.  Umph....there wasn't a, really, not even ONE!!  How depressing.  Nothing gets this ole girl's blood moving like a good garage sale.  Oh well, guess the Lord KNOWS I don't NEED anything!!

Saturday is our AZ Bloggers Tea.  I am so looking forward to seeing some of you.  So, until then, have a great week.....


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Ceekay,
Wish I was going to be there for the tea! I sure love the AZ. blogger tea's!
Now girlfriend, we got snow again yesterday and I feel like I am never going to see spring. Remember when you lived in Wisconsin? And how long the winters were?
The only good thing is that it's at least sunny today!
Have fun tomorrow,

Martina said...

Ceekay I just LOVE tulips and yours look beautiful!! What a cute little bird, very sweet. Enjoy your bloggers tea on Saturday!! Martina

lvroftiques said...

Oh Ceekay you're so lucky to have flowers! I have spring fever something fierce! But all we have here is rain rain rain, which at least beats snow!
The earrings are lovely...and I'm in love with that tiny bird in nest! Soooo sweet! Vanna

Cozy Little House said...

You know, I bought bulbs and planted them last fall thinking they were tulips. The nursery said they were tulips. But I got daffodils instead! Oh well, a pretty flower is a pretty flower.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Ceekay,
I just love your tulips and had some just like them from my hubby on my birthday this year.
I remember those earrings although I got my ears pierced at 13 so I never wore them.
Love the tiny nest with birdie too.
Thank you for your kind comment. Tomorrow is the first test for a nuclear gall bladder chemical test. It will be a long day. Oh well, has to be done since I am not better at all.

Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

Entertaining Women said...

I always look forward to reading the contents of the estate sales each week in the classifieds each Thursday. I enjoy the hunt for the perfect bargain. Thank you for sharing your dRling designs. Cherry Kay

Sunny Simple Life said...

The tulips are so beautiful they don't even look real. Have fun at your tea.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love those earrings! So pretty. I was laughing at the garage sale experience. That always happens to me. :)

Sweet Meanderings said...

Wish I was there to go estate saleing with you! One good thing about Florida is - I don't require as much moisturizer. The tulips are beautiful.


Charlotte said...

So glad you're going to the tea. I was disappointed the last one because you weren't there. Love the little glitter smiley letters for your name at the top of your blog.

Happy@Home said...

I have always LOVED Spring. I love everything about it including tulips and bunnies. Your little bird and nest is just the sweetest.
Have fun at the tea.

Bohemian said...

I Hope the Tea today is amazing, sorry I couldn't attend this time around but I appreciated the invitation.

Yes, that Living Lettuce is SO easy to grow you really should just stick one in some Miracle Grow Soil in an above ground container and watch it flourish this Spring! I get lots of cuttings from them, all my veggies are now planted above ground after learning the 1st Season that the Gophers had a field day buffet when I planted them in the ground around here. *le sigh* That was so discouraging because they didn't stop at eating the fruits... but ate the entire plant and root systems... very expensive lesson.

I too am so happy Spring has sprung... though we have seemed to move straight from Winter into Summer temp wise. *winks* Love your Tulips, mine haven't bloomed yet but perhaps by Easter?

Happy Spring... Dawn... The Bohemian

Picket said...

Morning girl....hope you had a great time at the bloggers tea! I remember those kind of earrings...I also remember wanting pierced ears so bad I borrowed a pair of self piecers from a friend at school and when I got home mama told me to take them off...I said I can't..they have aready started making a hole in my ear and it will leave a scar! lol lol I love tulips girl...we only had one single yellow come back this year..we use to have red and yellows but they didn't make it thru the 'renter' year! lol Thanks for coming by take care and have a great Sunday

xinex said...

Cute pair of earrings and bird and eggs, Ceekay. It's been spring here, although today is spring weather, most of the time is feels like summer....Christine

blessedmom's simple home said...

I hope the tea was wonderful! Tulips are my favorite flower, and I really think yellow ones say "Spring" so beautifully.
Thank you so much for your prayers for my nephew. I did an update yesterday, but today he was conscious and even able to say a few words to his wife over the phone. He may be moved to Maryland tomorrow.
Your prayers mean so much :-)

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