Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love me as I am.....

You know, sometimes life just gets busy.  I got some good news from my oncologist.  My cancer counts have gone down on this new trial, and I am feeling well.  And enjoying life.

I told you that we bought a new park model up in Payson.  We have gone every weekend to do some updating.  It is turning out quite nice.

Oh I am so thankful!  We enjoy this so much!

This is the bedroom window.  I am crazy in love with the valance and shutters.

This is the AZ room.  I am not done yet, but I can tell you this is going to be a favorite room of mine!

This is our new stove.  The original stove was still there and my husband did not feel comfortable with it.  It needs a new refrig too, but one thing at a time!

I usually don't show myself without hair, but honestly, my own hair, white as it can be is growing in and I don't want to wear a wig anymore.  The picture is to show my beautiful orange necklace and earrings my dear friend sent me for my birthday coming up.  She knows I love these kind of hoops and the color orange.  Then I went to the store and found....

I was tickled.

So, sorry if you don't care for the semi hair look, but like I me as I am.  This is the real life!!




Jann Olson said...

Ceekay, how fun that you have a new place in Payson. We have a Payson here in UT as well. The bracelet is perfect for your necklace and earrings! You are gorgeous and never need to apologize!!

Beth said...

I loved the picture of you, with or without hair. If you must know I prefer shorter hair. I'm glad your feeling well and that your counts are low. You are doing a wonderful job decorating your home. Don't you just love little gifts and finding those special treasures...they always make me feel good. Keep fighting the good fight, I look forward to your posts.

Vee said...

I love you with your perky hair! Bet it is far more comfortable. What good news you had and the best news is that you are feeling well.

What a cute house in Payson! So much to enjoy about having a weekend getaway. You will have a lot of fun fixing it all up in your wonderful style.

Salmagundi said...

I don't notice the hair -- just the smile on your face!! Glad this treatment is working. Sally

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I am so happy you got a new cabin in payson. It looks amazing. I am sure you will love every minute of fixing it up. I think you look totally amazing. It is such a fabulous answer to prayer that you are doing better with your new meds. God Bless.

Anonymous said...


Your new place looks very nice. . .and I know you will have it as comfy and cute as can be once you get finished with your Ceekay Touches!!

I LOVE that pix of you. . .you are soooo beautiful! There is no need for that wig!! Love your silver locks!!

I'm so glad you have seen improvement on this treatment and that you are feeling good!!

Thank you for that wonderful update!!

L, Dana

Linda said...

I LOVE seeing YOU!!! One thing I treasure is REAL people!!! You are such an inspiration to me and so many!
I am thrilled you get to fix up a new place!! I am soon to start on our camper. Louis Dean has some repairs to make - rather major ones - and I want to perhaps PAINT some of the walls in the other areas.
Don't you love the thrill of redeeming!!!

Sandy McClay said...

I am so glad that you doing so well...and I love the idea of the park model...we will have to talk about that. It was a good thing we didn't get together, I ended up with walking pneumonia! I would have hated to make you sick! Email me when you have some time....I am full this week...:)
Take care, Sandy

nonie everythingsewing said...

I love your look. I remember to well when I stopped wearing anything on my head. My hair came in soft and curley lol. Love your decorating and sending blessing to you, may those counts just keep going down.

Debby said...

I love your hair. Of course, I have white hair and I like it. It even looks good on you with short hair. I don't blame you about the wigs.
Good news about the trial lowering your counts. I hope it kicks it for good. You have already been through so much. It's time for you to be cancer free. Hugs

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

you look very chic....lovely jewelry perfect for is cute :)

Shelia said...

Hi Ceekay! Oh, I'm rejoicing with you about your good news and you look beautiful! Love your little playhouse too!
Blessings sweet friend,
Shelia ;)

Adrienne said...

I LOVE your hair! It's so cute - and I'm thrilled with your good news. What a cute, little cabin. I can't wait to see more.

crisdsanchez said...

You look gorgeous!

Susan Newbigging said...

Ceekay, how could anyone not love you the way you are. You look beautiful. You are one of my favorite bloggers. You have provided me the strength I needed to get through breast cancer. You are one of the bravest people I know. How you have traveled this journey with such grace is beyond me. Stay you, you are beautiful.

Marissa said...

Ceekay- You look absolutely gorgeous. You are a true inspiration to so many. I am so happy that you are feeling better and received good news Yay- God is good!!!!
Have a great Valentines Day
Xo Marissa

Mary Clark said...

You are beautiful! I love the way you look, so natural and pretty - plus so happy and feeling good. What a blessing!
Hugs ~ Mary

Stacey said...

I think you look beautiful with that short hair! You keep smiling and styling girl. :)

Your new place is going to be perfect for y'all. You always do the neatest things.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I think you look great! Happy Valentines Day! Glad your enjoying getting your new place together.

Carol said...

You look beautiful, Ceekay, and I'm so happy for you that things look a bit more of a positive turn for you!

Your new "cabin in the woods" looks really cute! What a great get-away for you and your honey when the temps here start creeping up.

Maria Elena said...

Who cares about hair. The important thing is that you are feeling better.You look beautiful either way. Congratulations on your new place! What a great getaway! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah said...

Having fun catching up tonight. Not leaving a comment on each post, but I'm reading. '-)
Sounds like good news all around ~ good report on the numbers and a new cabin. Glad life is good for you. You look adorable!

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