Friday, October 17, 2014

Orange is for ME!

When it comes to Fall, I visit all your lovely homes and see all the various decorations.  I saw the purples and golds, and whites, and pinks....all pumpkins and leaves.....
but as for me, I gotta have orange.  It must come from my Michigan roots.

I wasn't able to do much this year.  In fact my son and his girlfriend did most of it.

So today, I will show you my mini pumpkins and pinecones.

I do love me some pinecones also!!

Have a great weekend.....See ya next week!




Salmagundi said...

I love a little bit of orange this time of the year, but as soon as Halloween is over; it's out of here!!! The pinecones look great with the little pumpkins. Sally

NanaDiana said...

That looks great, Ceekay. I love the orange of pumpkins and leaves and all this time of year, too.

I am sorry that you aren't able to do all that you would like to do...but I am glad you have some family that pitches in and helps you. xo Diana

Susie said...

Ceekay, I picked up every nice pine cone I could get this year. I have a basket full on the porch. Some were just sitting in the driveway waiting for me.:):) I love your mix of pumpkins and pine cones. Hope you are doing well and getting to enjoy this fall. xoxo,Susie


I love orange for fall to!
I bet you miss it in AZ!

p.s. I love that you sign your blog, joyfully!

Kathy Moreland said...

I like some orange too, CeeKay. It's the only time I use much orange, but when I think Fall, I think Orange!! Hope you are doing better.

Leslie said...

I love the oranges too!!! That was sweet of your son and his gal to do a little decorating for you.
Have a great week.

Consider It All Joy said...

your fall table decor is beautiful, Ceekay! I picked up some pine cones in July from my MIL's home. I'm excited to make a few things with them in the weeks ahead. Hope you are doing well! Blessings, Cindy

Liz Hockamier said...

Very pretty!
I still don't have any Fall out. I'm just not feeling it. :(
I do love your centerpiece though. :)

Sweet Meanderings said...

Gorgeous as always! Wish I was home to join in the decorating!

Maria Elena said...

I also love the orange this time of the year, Love, love your centerpiece! Beautiful!

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