Monday, October 28, 2013

Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger!

I just didn't blog last week.  No reason.  I read some blogs.  Part of the problem is it is our spring, so I have been slowly busy (now there is a description!) on getting the yard back in shape...planting flowers, cleaning the patio....etc.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what people see if they come to our side door....which is where most of the neighbors come to.

Come and say HI!

I did "splurge" and bought some boo pumpkins for my kitchen.  I sprayed them with they hopefully will make it until Thanksgiving.

Chemo hopefully see you later in the week!

Can the bad blogger come out of the corner now???


Vee said...

Pshaww! Bad bloggers are those who take off and never come back. I'm not sure if THAT even qualifies. = D I am so forgiving. Hope that you are having some terrific weather. The porch looks great...very cheery and welcoming. When you come home and can't help but smile, you know that you've created a cozy place. All the best with the meds...praying that you sail right through without a hitch.

Anonymous said...

Aah, we forgive you Ceekay, especially since you showed us your awesome decor that greets the neighbors! Love those stacked little benches in the various colors, that's a fab look! And your scarecrow looks like a really nice guy to meet and greet! Praying for you with the chemo ~

Hugs ~ Mary

Julie Nichols said...

Aww Your a good blogger!! You taught me something... I have to use your idea and spray my pumpkins with poly so they last longer. Thanks for sharing that!!
I love the way you decorate your porch it is very cheerful.

Olive said...

I love the mini white pumpkins. I cannot find any here. I am blogging much less. I pray you feel just fine after chemo, xo, olive

Blondie's Journal said...

You are NOT have to do what makes you happy first!!

Your fall decorations are SO cute. I like the little benches stacked up, you're so creative.

I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for tomorrow.


NanaDiana said...

You CAN come out of the corner now. That is cute- your porch looks darling. I hope that your chemo goes okay and that you don't have too many after effects with it. You are a trooper!!!!

It is funny to think of you planting when we are harvesting and cutting everything down- xo Diana

Chatty Crone said...

I saw those words at Cracker Barrel but my husband didn't want me to get them - I think you told me about them.

I Love all your pumpkins.

And don't worry about taking a little break. I do it all the time.


linda t said...

I recently went 6 weeks without blogging and it felt pretty liberating. Good for you Ceekay.
I love all your fall decorations. You inspire me to get mine out. Love and miss you. Let's talk soon.

Rebecca said...

Your fall looks great, I still have done nothing around the house for fall... no excuse, the weather has been cold and I stay inside.
Today better maybe I will go to the pumpkin place.
I am the bad blogger... I have been trying to do better. I am going to redo it a bit, working on that.
Sending prayers and lots of blessings

Debby said...

You aren't a bad blogger.
Good luck with the chemo. I hope it goes okay. I wish that you didn't have to go through this again. ((((HUGS))))

Liz Hockamier said...

If your a bad blogger, what am I???
Oh Dear! :P

Love your little punkins!

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