Thursday, August 12, 2010

Estate Sale Finds!

So Candy calls me and says, you want to go to the Estate sales. I said...I'll go, but I don't need anything.
Most the time I go and don't find anything....well, today was NOT that day!

I found something at every one!!

These sweet little boxes were 50 cents....each
1.00.....I just know that this will be perfect for some swap down the road!

1940 Salem Godey plate...approx. 8.00 each....there are more patterns...mercy, I see a new collection starting!

The old sprinkle top for bottles...25 cents.

Two old frogs 50 cents each

Doilie 25 spoon 50 cents....
Oh, I cannot stand it!

Little doilie 25 cents - neat bottle 50 cents....

There is writing in the glass....sometime without my contacts in, I will read what it says!
Found out that the little bottle is a Edison Battery Oil bottle from the early 1920. The oil was used on the railroads. Thomas Edison's name is written on the side of the bottle. Amazing what you can see if you hold the bottle to your nose!!

6 silver spoons...3.00.....
Now here is the question....what are they spoons for? They are not serrated so it can't be grapefruit...I am thinking oysters?
These are Citrus spoons...marking is 1947 Roger Bros AJ. Apparently worth more than the 3.00 I paid.

This sweet box I bought with Liz from Rose Vignettes, a while back. It is perfect on top of!!!!

My new little cabinet between my washer and dryer. This was on clearance at Homegoods. I have been looking for one for 4 years....I am thrilled.
I also bought a fantastic crock at another Estate sale, but it is filthy, and I will do that tomorrow.
Fun, fun, fun!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh CeeKay Sweetie...
What a beautiful share tonight. I love all the beauties that you found today. That plate is so pretty, and I can see one of your bottle designs coming from the bottle. Love the little frogs too, I have been watching for those. Great eye you have sweet friend.

Thank you for sharing. I sure do love your little cabinet between your washer and dryer. That is just wonderful. Have a beautiful Friday.

Country hugs and so much love sweet friend, Sherry

Into Vintage said...

That little white cabinet is such a perfect fit in there and I love the silver spoons. I wonder who the person was who had oyster spoons and how often they were used...

Mevely317 said...

I'm greener than envy re. your sprinkler bottle tops, CeeKay! ... Talk about an instant trip down Memory Lane!....
As a kid I used to BEG my mom to let me iron, probably just an excuse to play with the "sprinkler."
These days, I'd be hard pressed to locate our iron - LOL!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I don't remember life before HOME GOODS!!! You REALLY scored with those estate sales. My favorite thing is THOSE little boxes. LOVE THOSE!!! Hugs, Donna

Rebecca Nelson said...

I love all your finds CeeKay. Now...I think those spoons ARE for Oysters! Not sure though.

I love HomeGoods. We don't have one in Oklahoma so whenever I'm out west (or in Dallas...they have ONE) I'm in heaven!

Love to you~


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What great buys! I love them all.

Cyn said...

can I say Jealous! LOL...I love Estate sales all though I have not went with my friend in a loooong time. I have always wanted one of those frogs!!! Must keep my eye out. Where did you go?? We usually go to Sun City.


Anonymous said...

"I'll go, but I don't need anything." Uh-huh, sure. ;-)
I have said that many times, too. What treasures you found! I love those spoons! ...Karen

Gone said...

Hi Ceekay!

It looks like you did well at all the Sales you went to.

The spoons, pointed as they are, appear to be a fruit (primarily citrus) spoon. Although most citrus spoons are serrated, like you suggested, on the tip, I've found many that are not.

For oysters, they use oyster forks, not spoons ~ pointed or least that's what I've found to be true.

Hope this helps!

In my "search", I did find some old, siver-plated, pointed fruit spoons (not serrated) for sale at $7.49 it looks like you got a real deal!!!

Karen said...

Love all the estate goodies.
And that cupboard between the appliances is perfect! STORAGE! Even more so if it was on clearance. I don't remember you having that much space between them . . . I think it's time for another visit to refresh my memory. After all - I was in heaven from our dinner at Cracker Barrel! :)
Good job! :)
Hugs! Karen

Olive said...

CeeKay, love the flower frogs. These estate sale prices are very good. Estate sales here are extremely high priced and I normally pass them by. Have a great weekend♥olive

Susan said...

Ceekay, You hit the jackpot on your finds girl!! I do love your little white cabinet.

Melissa Miller said...

Great finds Ceekay! WOW! I love the box from Rose Vignettes. It's so sweet and pretty. *Smiles*

A Hint of Home said...

Cute little glass boxes! Love your new cabinet and all your cute finds.
What are the frogs??


Hi. Thanks for visiting and following. Love your estate sale finds. Isn't it fun when you find vintage goodies so cheap? My hubby and I both have the 'vintage bug'.
I love the vintage lady plates; in fact, I have several of those in framed prints that I'm planning to hang in our guest room. I just love the way the ladies look in those clothes.
Hope you are doing well.
~ Juie


Hi again. I just noticed that 'Somewhere in Time' is one of your favorite movies. I love that movie; and it has always been my all-time favorite.
~ Julie

Charlotte said...

What great finds! I found you through Olive Out. Had to keep reading about your trip. Looks like a great time! new follower!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh CeeKay, you were on a roll with getting home with so many great finds, way to go. I love that little baby spoon, it's precious!


Sarah said...

Oh, you did have a good time! All your little treasures are wonderful, but I especially like the set of spoons. They have such an interesting and pretty shape. And I always love it when I find the old metal flower frogs. Can't have too many of those! Thanks for sharing.
Happy Summer Sunday! ~ Sarah

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, I love your blog! I just came across it at the bloggerette Sorority.
Thank you for sharing!

Kay said...

Love the frogs.... I have started collecting them. I use one for a recipe stand in my kitchen.

Unknown said...

Perfect is right! Love all your finds!
I wanna start going to estate sales...How do you find out about them?


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