Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Here we are at Wednesday again! My husband's days off are Monday and Tuesday, so Wednesday is not a favorite day of mine. After almost 37 years of marriage, I still hate when he is away from me, although thankful he has a job!

My dear friend Misty and her grandma and mom have a family treat. They give day gifts for each other. Just a little gift for nothing. Isn't that wonderful? So, I told Misty I was going to let her adopt me and let me in on the fun!
Sunday she met me at church and gave me this precious, and I do mean precious to gift.
She made a collage of our day we spent touring the homes in Windsor Square. She included where we ate lunch, the addresses of the homes, and my tree I fell in love with.

Then to top it off, her mom Debbie (who I made the acrylic book) made me this adorable pillow. You all know my love of pillows.

The fabric is of inspirational phrases..

She crochet the lovely doilie in the center....and

the lace! Isn't that amazing!!

A few weeks ago my friend Melody gave me this pillow in take to my chemo. She has one of those amazing embroidery machines and put the words in the shape of a butterfly!

Isn't it so pretty?
So these gifts added to what my husband says are 10,000 personal friends in my home! How about you? any "day" gifts in your life?


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Ceekay! LOVE all your beautiful "Day gifts". I have never heard of the name, but I have recieved gift for no reason!.. And wouldn't you know, they came from the wonderful friends I've made in Blogland! The collage is beautiful!.. And the embroidery on that pillow? I've never seen anything like that! Very pretty! ~tina

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Ceekay, what wonderful gifts. I love your little collage from your day spent together and then the pillow with the crochet is just stunning. The little butterfly pillowis adorable too. Suck precious and thoughtful gifts. You deserve every one of them. Hugs, Marty

Julie Harward said...

How very thoughtful and your little pillows too..sweet reminders that..YOU ARE LOVED...thats just awesome! Come say hi :D

sissie said...

Hi Ceekay,
You know how much we all adore you here in blogland. Your gifts are proof of that. I love your pillows, each one is a lovely work of art. Your collage is such a sweet gift for a memory of a special day.


Terra said...

Aren't friends so precious? Your gifts are sweet, especially the blue embroidered butterfly pillow.
My friend surprised me with some large foxglove plants from her garden. Does that count? Anyway it was very thoughtful of her.

Rebecca said...

Precious idea. I just love it...might have to put it into action.


Susan said...

Ceekay, Every day I come home and find my husband has done some cleaning in the house.......that is a day gift for me........thats so much less that I have to do on the weekends.

The French Bear said...

What gorgeous gifts, such talented friends!!! How are you doing sweetie? I am a little late playing catch up with my blog friends, sorry it has been awhile, I really try to stop in and check up more often......time seems to be flying by these days!
Big Hugs!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Liz said...

AWE! That is awesome! You get more stuff than anyone I know. :) I love how thoughtful it was. And the pillow is gorgeous. I can't let my husband see your post about the picture. ... He might get an idea and that would not be good. LOL! :)


Rettabug said...

Ceekay, I can think of no one more deserving of some lovely little gifts like you received! The collage momentos of a fun day are so meaningful & I just ♥ both pillows!!

All your flowers are looking really pretty, too. My sis in Gilbert told me she trimmed her roses in a sleeveless top & got scratches all over her arms. She was happy to be outside, working on her plants, though. She gets some GORGEOUS roses!! She dumps the dog's water bowl on them every day so she can give him fresh water & the roses just thrive on that daily dose of moisture.

Here, we have PLENTY of is pouring down rain & DGS's Confirmation is in about 2 hours. :( I'm glad my outfit is washable silk!!!!!


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