Monday, August 3, 2009

Rounding the Corner, I think!

Woke up feeling a little stronger today. I am starting to get Camp Fever. I have not been out at all since last Wednesday.

I have been working on Bentley's photo album and I don't know...thought I would get Andy Warhol-ish. I did this for the Intro page. Remember, chemo effects the who knows what I might try!

Our Bentley had surgery Friday. He is doing great! He will never have to worry about paying puppy support! (Just remember, its the meds!!)


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love this! Your brain must be fighting the chemo overtime and coming up with very unique things!

Glad you are feeling a wee bit better! Having cabin fever could be a good sign, maybe an outing would be good -- Hobby Lobby - good for what ails ya!!! I hope Bentley is feeling better now too, I guess he is walking a little funny?! ;-)


Mary said...

Love your comment about puppy support! He's so cute - in any color!

A Hint of Home said...

You're too funny! Glad you're rounding a corner.

Shelia said...

Oh, Dear Ceekay! I'm so glad you've not lost your sense of humor! I love ya! I also love the Andy Warholish Bentleys! How cute. Keep it up!
You're in my prayers.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Salmagundi said...

Glad you are feeling better. When does the next go around start? Bentley is sure cute, and must be a good companion when you are recuperating together. Take care, Sally

Needled Mom said...

Glad you are feeling a tab bit better.

Chemo brain must be very colorful as well. Too funny.

Nanette said...

Your Bentley is so cute in any color! Glad you were a little stronger today. Hobby Lobby does sound like a fun idea or maybe just a drive, get you one of those Taco Bell drinks. You're doing great, stay strong!

Bernideen said...

Just take it one day at a time andkeep strong! Your attitude is great and we want to all support you with that! You can do it girl!

Gayla said...

Good for you! I loved the little color shots of your beautiful Bentley! I thought of you often the past couple of days, so I'm glad to hear you are doing better. Hugs.

Connie said...

A Bentley rainbow! Cute.

It's good to know Bentley will never have to deal with puppy support. I'm not sure that will keep him moral and discreet - but at least no puppies.

I'm glad you're rounding the corner. Been praying you would.

love ya,

Linda K. said...

Thanks for stopping by Ceekay! And I'm so happy you are feeling better. It's so cool we both live in Buckeye, AZ.! What a small world.


Beth at Aunties said...

I too am so glad you ahve not lost your sense of humor. I love it!!!
The Big *C* is nasty business. I think you are so awesome to share your journey with us. My bil and his sil are both suffering right now. My brother in law is my age and is in stage 4 of renal lung cancer... he can never go off Chemo now. My other sil was jsut diagnosed last week. Any more it isn't IF but seems WHEN for all of us. You are so brave and I admire you very much. You are always in my prayers!

It is so amazing at all the technology they have to fight *C* now.

Thanks for the smile:)


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

LOL - sure blame it on Chemo Brain - we'll let you!! Now just tell me, are you also seeing psychedlic colors or is it just me??

I am glad you are rounding the corner and Bentley too. Save your strenght for the next step!!

hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

Oh, Bentley is a star!!!

Unknown said...

Hope your starting to feel a little better. Bentley looks like a little furry blessing! :)


Cheryl Bjerk said...

What program did you use to do this photo? I would love to do that with my little Max.

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